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B&B Previews: Week of December 29


B&B Spoilers: Week of December 29

Ridge and Brooke decide to put the year behind them and start fresh by getting married.

It’s A Showstopper

Ridge is still grieving for his daughter Phoebe and leans on Brooke for comfort. Brooke tries to get Ridge to come to an understanding about Rick. Ridge and Brooke decide to put the year behind them and start fresh by getting married. Ridge and Brooke reach out to Rick, who surprises Brooke by giving them his blessing. Eric meets with Rick and Ridge to discuss their futures at Forrester. Ridge goes to see a grieving Taylor. He breaks the news of his upcoming nuptials to Taylor. Taylor sinks further into depression. Ridge and Brooke go to the cliffs in Malibu after the fashion show. Will the two finally get married?

Eric and Stephanie reveal to the Forresters that Eric has returned to Donna. Stephanie is upset, but takes the news in stride. The family is taken aback by Stephanie’s attitude to Eric and Donna’s reconciliation. Pam returns to town and pays Donna a visit. Pam receives an invitation. Stephanie and Pam discuss new living arrangements. Eric and Donna share a romantic dinner before the fashion show. Donna is nervous about wearing the showstopper. Donna and Stephanie come together in a united front for the press. At the fashion show, the unexpected happens.

Can’t Miss

Eric and Stephanie share a bittersweet moment on Monday December 29th.

Rick and Steffy share secrets on Tuesday December 30th

Stephanie’s New Year’s Eve plans come to a halt on Wednesday December 31st.

Steffy’s faces her feelings or lack thereof for Marcus on Friday January 2nd

The Bold and the Beautiful will be preempted on Thursday January 1st

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