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DAYS Previews: Week of December 29


DAYS Spoilers: Week of December 29

Chloe struggles with her attraction to Daniel.


This week on Days of Our Lives….

Chloe is having a hard time fighting her attraction to Daniel. Chloe tells Daniel that she doesn’t want him to be her doctor anymore. When Kate discovers that Daniel is no longer Chloe’s doctor, she questions Daniel. Daniel explains that it was Chloe’s idea. Kate asks Lucas and Chloe to move up their wedding. The couple agrees to do it. On New Year’s Eve, Kate, Daniel, Chloe and Lucas plan to meet at Chez Rouge to celebrate. On the way there, Chloe falls. Daniel comes to her rescue. Kate and Lucas begin to worry when Daniel and Chloe are late. Daniel and Chloe share an intimate moment which is interrupted. Daniel brings Chloe to the hospital to have her checked out and then they contact Kate and Lucas. Daniel leaves with Kate and Lucas and Chloe share a romantic evening.

Nicole’s desperate search for a baby continues. She discovers that Dr. Baker is a baby broker and she demands that he find her a baby. She will pay him for the baby. Meanwhile, EJ tells Stefano that he is planning to propose to Nicole. When Nicole returns to the mansion, Dr. Baker calls. He has a baby and she has one hour to get to his clinic. On the way to the clinic, Nicole’s car breaks down. EJ begins to worry when Nicole doesn’t come back. Brady shows up as Dr. Baker calls again. Brady figures out where Nicole was going. Brady finds Nicole and the two get to the clinic. Will Nicole’s dreams of a child be realized?

Melanie continues to be a thorn in Phillip’s and Stephanie’s new relationship. Even though Chloe tries to warn Stephanie about Phillip’s rocky romantic past, Stephanie doesn’t listen. Phillip asks Stephanie to go to Chez Rouge for a New Year’s Eve dinner. Melanie is angered when Stephanie agrees. On New Year’s Eve, Melanie has a drink poured on Stephanie. When Stephanie goes to clean up, Melanie comes on to Phillip. Melanie tries to kiss Phillip, which Stephanie sees. Phillip pulls Stephanie into a kiss and Melanie storms off. Later, Phillip reveals his feelings to Stephanie. ..Sami is upset that she can’t spend New Year’s with her family. Sami insists on seeing Sr. Theresa again. Even though Rafe knows that Sami wants to leave her baby with Sr. Theresa, the two come to an understanding. Rafe softens towards Sami and tells her he is happy to be spending New Year’s with her…Marlena is still upset with John for leaving on Christmas. John is frustrated with his therapy. John overhears a conversation between Marlena and Charlotte about their plans for New Year’s Eve.

Can’t Miss …

The killer attempts to find Rafe on Monday December 29th.

John is frustrated by his lack of progress in therapy so Charlotte suggests hypnosis on Tuesday December 30

Max and Chelsea celebrate the New Year with a kiss on Wednesday December 31st

The show is preempted on January 1st

Most of Salem gather at Chez Rogue to celebrate the New Year on Friday January 2nd

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