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ATWT Spoilers: Week of January 26

On their wedding day, Carly tells Craig the truth.

The Rundown

{xtypo_sticky}On their wedding day, Carly tells Craig the truth.

Meg and Dusty make it official.

Katie finds a way to get Brad his job back.

Emily puts Jade to work.{/xtypo_sticky}

This Is How A Heart Breaks

Dusty helps Meg get a quickie divorce in Reno and the two then swap vows with Johnny and Eliza both present. After returning to Oakdale, they learn that Craig’s marriage to Carly never happened. Holden scolds Meg for getting involved, while Lily encourages Dusty that he’ll win custody. Later, Dusty takes Eliza by Paul’s and quietly boasts about his quickie marriage to Meg. Paul goes irate and takes Eliza hostage, but eventually apologizes after Josie talks him down. Dusty calms Meg down and assures her that Paul’s starting to accept that she won’t be coming back. Meanwhile, Paul subtly plots his revenge on Dusty…just in time for the long awaited custody hearing.

Oakdale Happenings

Brad and Katie skip Craig & Carly’s wedding to savor their newfound peace; but it won’t last for long. After hearing Sage’s true feeling about her mother marrying Craig, Carly backs out halfway through the ceremony. A fuming Craig storms off and gets drunk; telling Carly that she probably stopped the wedding just to get a reaction from Jack and Holden. Meanwhile, Lily and Holden argue over Holden’s initial misgivings about Carly entering a loveless marriage. Luke plans on playing matchmaker with Casey and Alison, all with the help of Jade. However, Emily soon approaches Jade and offers to pay her if she can keep Casey away from Alison. Will Jade choose to follow her cousin’s kind intentions or will she go after the hefty paycheck?

Also: Jack and Janet argue over Carly. Parker and Liberty get what they want from Craig. Who wins custody of Johnny? Brad and Katie enter a whole new kind of reality. Paul gets his revenge…but at what cost?

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