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DAYS Previews: Week of January 26


DAYS Spoilers: Week of January 26

Things aren’t always what they seem this week on Days of Our Lives.



The Babyswitch We All Saw Coming

At the convent, Nicole hides from Sami and comes up with a plan. She leaves and goes to Dr. Baker where she demands he takes any call he gets from a Nun. She is unable to explain further as she gets a call from Mia who has gone into labor. When Sami tries to leave to check on Rafe she goes into labor. The nun rushes Sami to Dr. Baker and Nicole arrives to find Mia is already about to give birth. Nicole arrives at the clinic with Mia’s baby and finds Sami has delivered her own baby girl. Nicole pressures Dr. Baker to switch the children, and he agrees as the Nun enters to take Sami her baby. Sami holds the baby but doesn’t feel a connection. Meanwhile, EJ returns home early and is searching for Nicole.

Killer Familiar

The hitman locates Rafe and tortures him, demanding Sami’s location. He refuses until the killer threatens to murder Sami’s kids. The killer finds out Sami’s location but rafe attacks him before he can getaway. The killer escapes, but passes out on the pier. Maggie stumbles upon him and calls for help.

Abe tells Bo he needs to step up the investigation on the Mayors murder. Bo confides in Steve that he has had another vision. This time of hope firing a gun – and Kayla being shot. The two men plot to keep the women apart until they can find another plan. When the killer is brought in for surgery Kayla thinks he looks familiar… but she can’t place from where.


A Secret Exposed

Chloe & Daniel decide they need to be honest and figure out what they want before they keep an affair going. At the pub Chloe & Lucas engage in a food fight with Allie & Johnny. Daniel sees this and decides Chloe is better off with them, leaving her a voicemail breaking things off. Victor disapproves of the fight but Caroline finds it amusing.

Chloe calls Daniel back and Maggie overhears part of the conversation assuming its about Lucas. Maggie offers some advice to Chloe, but Chloe heads right to Daniels. Daniel & Chloe talk at his apartment. However they are interrupted by a page from the hospital. As they leave Chloe notices Maggie who is leaving Steve & Kayla’s apartment. Chloe then realizes that Maggie spotted her kissing Daniel.

Melanie’s Schemes

When Philip tries to take Stephanie on a fancy date she flips the tables and takes him to the Cheatin’ Heart for a game of pool. After the game Philip is called away on business. Philip runs into Brady at Titan and tells him of Melanie threat to take her project to the DiMeras.

Melanie goes to Max for information the DiMeras when she tells him about her plan to engage the DiMeras and the Kiriakis’ in a bidding war. Philip then shows up and Max warns him to stay away from his sister. Melanie then runs into Brady and the two discuss father issues. Max then gets a mysterious package in the mail.

Can’t Miss

{xtypo_sticky}Bo has an unsettling vision on Monday, January 26th

Sami and Mia go into labor at the same time on Tuesday, January 27th

The killer threatens to hurt Sami’s children if Rafe doesn’t reveal her location on Wednesday, January 28th

Chloe tells Daniel that they need to talk on Thursday, January 29th

Kayla thinks the killer looks familiar on Friday, January 30th


Coming Soon: Week of February 2nd


  • Maggie calls Chloe & Daniel out. Will she reveal Chloe’s affair to Lucas?
  • Melanie fantasizes of getting down and dirty with Philip
  • Sami & Nicole select names for their babies
  • EJ vows no one will get in the way of his happiness with Nicole…not even Sami
  • Hope learns she’s being investigated by Internal Affairs
  • Victor determines Melanie is becoming a liability and must be dealt with
  • Kate worries Sami’s return could threaten Lucas’ happiness, unaware the threat to his happiness is already in Salem.


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