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ATWT Previews: Week of January 12


ATWT Spoilers: Week of January 12

Luke and Noah reunite and seal it with a kiss.

Oakdale Happenings

Margo learns the man who was involved with the robbery with Jade, has escaped from prison. The escaped prisoner takes Derek and Jade hostage, when Robby calls her to come meet him at Metro. Casey gets involved when Jade encounters him on the way to Metro. Casey texts Margo and lets her know Robby has them at gun point. Robby starts shooting and Derek is hit, Casey jumps into action and saves Jade from being shot. Liberty admits her and Parker are seeing each other, when she confronted by Janet. Jack opposes the relationship, but Janet approves. Jack is shocked when Carly sides with Janet. Jack blames Carly when he discovers Parker and Liberty in bed together. Jade interrupts a close moment between Casey and Allison. Craig takes Johnny from the hospital and Dusty wants him arrested. Craig has an idea and asks Carly to marry him.

Love Conquers All

As Lucinda continues to give Luke the cold shoulder, Jade accuses her of blaming Luke on her problems instead of blaming the person she should, her husband. Lucinda agrees and goes to see Noah to convince him to make up with Luke or he may regret it in the future. Later Jade arrives and Noah confronts her about sending Lucinda after him. He insists his relationship with Luke is over. Meanwhile, Casey tries to convince Luke to make ammends with Noah. Everyone gathers at Old Town, and Noah is questioned by Luke, as to what he’s so afraid of. Noah pulls Luke to him and they share a kiss before they go home together. Later the two of them share ice cream at Lucinda’s house, Luke and Lucinda make peace with each other. When he’s rejected by Lucinda, Brian seeks advice from Noah. Brian learns Noah and Luke are back together and is very happy for them. Brian leaves, but Noah is concerned for him and follows him home. When Brian won’t allow Noah into his room, he calls Luke for help. Noah and Luke find a bottle of sleeping pills and become worried Brian might be considering suicide. Noah and Luke confront Brian about the pills, and he admits to them, he is gay. Lucinda arrives just as he confesses. Brian and Lucinda finally find closure.

Coming Soon: Week of 1/19

The truth is about to be exposed and someone is going to make a life changing decision.

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