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DAYS Previews: Week of February 2


DAYS Spoilers: Week of February 2

Maggie confronts Chloe about her affair with Daniel; Bo’s vision comes true; Will Nicole tell the truth?



Maggie Learns The Truth

Chloe tries to explain herself to an upset Maggie about her affair with Daniel. Maggie decides to hold off on telling Lucas, but issues a warning to Chloe – who swears she is done with Daniel. However after Daniel admits to Maggie he doesn’t know if he can stay away from Chloe. Maggie decides maybe it is best to tell Lucas the truth.

Daniel watches on and is relieved when Maggie doesn’t tell Lucas about the affair. Later, Kate confesses to Daniel she is worried Sami’s return will negatively impact Lucas and Chloe’s relationship. Little does Kate know the person she should fear is closer than she thinks. Later in the week Chloe & Daniel can’t seem to stay away from each other. Will the careless lovers be spotted once again?

Sydney and Grace Meet The World – Will Nicole Crack?

Sami heads back to the convent where she runs into Rafe. He passes out before he can tell her about the killer, but after being nursed back to heath he calls in for backup only to learn that the killer has been caught. He tells Sami she is able to return home, but is she ready for that? She is able to talk Roman & Rafe into letting her stay at the convent a little longer, where she names the baby Grace.

EJ brings Nicole & the baby home from the hospital where they name her Sydney. EJ thanks Nicole for giving him the complete family he has always wanted, but she knows she is far from being in the clear. After Stefano finds out about issues at the clinic he decides to have them investigated. Later at the Pub, EJ tells Stefano that when Sami returns she will not screw up what he has with Nicole. Nicole, back at the mansion, almost tells all to Chloe. Brady soon arrives to see Nicole and is shocked to see she got a baby. She lies, telling him Sydney is Mia’s. As the two engage in an argument EJ shows up demanding to know what’s going on. However the baby then has a crisis…

A Marriage In Trouble

After the surgery the killer wakes up and takes Kayla hostage as Hope arrives. Bo gets the message from Hope that the killer is in surgery and heads to the hospital where Hope & the killer face-off. In a heated moment Hope fires the gun, but the bullet hits Kayla. Bo & Steve soon arrive and take the killer down. Bo then reveals the truth about his vision to Hope, who is hurt to learn he kept that from her.

Chelsea tries to get Hope to open up about what’s wrong as does Max with Bo. Nether one will say and when everyone learns about Hope being investigated by Internal Affairs Max & Chelsea worry about the future for Bo & Hope.

Melanie’s Schemes

Philip & Stephanie admit they are falling in love, however are interrupted by the call that Kayla has been shot and is in surgery. They join Max, Chelsea, Bo, Hope, Steve and Caroline to await news. Lexie tells them that Kayla’s surgery is still very touch and go.

Melanie overhears Philip & Stephanie talking about what almost happened earlier between them and is hurt. She wants Philip and knows she can’t have him – so she confronts him at Titan and tells him she’s taking her project to EJ DiMera. Stephanie is disturbed when she hears the tone Philip uses discussing taking care of Melanie to Victor.

Can’t Miss

{xtypo_sticky}Make sure to watch every day. Arianne Zuker and Suzanne Rogers are golden!


Coming Soon: Week of February 9th


  • After Stephanie confronts him Philip tells her he is not the hero of her dreams.
  • Sami awakens to find Rafe is gone and isn’t sure she know how to function without him.
  • EJ, Brady, & Nicole rush Sydney to the hospital and learn she has stopped breathing.
  • University Hospital decides holds a fundraiser at Chez Rouge.
  • Chloe breaks it off with Lucas and asks Daniel to run away with her.
  • Stephanie has to decide if she can deal with who Philip is.
  • Sami learns Nicole gave birth on the same day as her and that she and EJ are getting married. Sami tells “her baby” she might have to do something to stop it….


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