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GL Previews: Week of February 16


GL Spoilers: Week of February 16

The Cooper family mourns the tragic death of Coop.

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The Rundown

{xtypo_sticky}The Cooper family mourns the tragic death of Coop.

All of Springfield is desperate to talk to Phillip.

Natalia and Olivia share an emotional moment.

Phillip asks a surprising person for help


Saying Goodbye

Word spreads around Springfield of Coop’s accident and Phillip’s return.  Coop realizes he doesn’t have long and starts to say his goodbyes. Coop offers advice to his loved ones.  Buzz is found at the cemetery, berating Jenna.  When told that Coop is awake, Buzz is thrilled.  Beth realizes that Coop doesn’t have long and he gives her a note to read later.  The two spend a special moment together.  Buzz rushes in and holds his son.  The monitors start going off but this doesn’t stop Buzz from reminiscing about his and Jenna’s son.  Lillian has the difficult task of telling Buzz and Frank that Coop is brain dead and on life support. Buzz refuses to make the final decision and leaves to see Phillip.  Buzz blames Alan for the death of is son.  Buzz goes back into Coop’s room and pulls the plug.  Buzz sings to his son and holds Coop as Lillian and the rest of the Coopers look on, heartbroken.

Springfield Happenings

Olivia kisses an ex but admits feelings for another. Olivia is afraid that Phillip will take Emma from her.  Lizzie wants to go visit the Coopers but is told it would be best to stay away.  Beth sees things a lot clearer than she had before.  She makes a moving decision.  At the jail to change his bandages, Remy asks why Phillip returned after all this time.  Bill visits Phillip and swears to Phillip that he loves Lizzie with all his heart.  Alex issues a warning about Cyrus, will it be heard?  Bill continues with his charade.  Jeffrey asks Reva not to go looking for Shayne but to concentrate on her last chemo session. Josh tells Buzz he would be honored to say Coop’s memorial service.

Coming Soon: Week of February 23

Beth breaks down after Coop’s funeral
Josh and Reva share a close moment
Alan disrupts Coop’s service

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