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DAYS Previews: Week of March 2


DAYS Spoilers: Week of March 2

Sami’s return proves troublesome for EJ and his feelings; Nicole and Sami clash over EJ.

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Sami is at home with the twins when EJ arrives with a toy of Johnny’s.  The two talk and Sami starts to believe that EJ really is a good man.  However, he calls Stefano and reports that Phillip has taken the bait.  Sami makes plans to bring Grace home.  Sami pleads with EJ to think twice before marrying Nicole.  When Nicole learns that EJ went to see Sami, she gets upset.  Nicole worries about the bond between Sami and EJ.  Sami again warns EJ about Nicole.  Sami reveals that she is afraid that Nicole will break his heart. EJ questions Sami’s feelings.  Sami confides in him that he will always have a place in her heart.  Sami tries to get EJ to promise that Johnny will not turn out to be like a DiMera, EJ can’t make that promise.  Sami has second thoughts about Grace and EJ.  When Sami goes to see to the kids, EJ is left to answer the door — to Rafe.

Ssami is stunned to see Rafe.  There is instant tension between EJ and Rafe.  Sami goes to get the twins and EJ and Rafe clearly do not approve of the other.  Rafe meets the twins and receives a phone call.  Sami is saddened when Rafe says he has to leave town.  The two kiss goodbye as EJ watches.  EJ asks Sami if she has feelings for Rafe and Sami tells him it is not his business.  EJ tells her he doesn’t want her to get hurt and asks Sami if she is in love with Rafe.  Sami says that she would like to see what develops with Rafe.  EJ leaves and asks Roman to see if he can get Rafe back into the FBI. Sami goes to the pub and sees a crying Sydney.  Nicole freaks out when she sees that Sami has picked Sydney up. After the two fight, Sami tells Nicole that EJ is still in love with her.


Chloe begs Maggie to keep her affair with Daniel secret, unaware that Kate and Victor are plotting against her. Chloe is shocked when Lucas apologizes to her and the two decide to try again.  Will tells Lucas he is staying in Salem and Lucas asks him to be his best man.  Chloe meets Nicole in the park and the two discuss their love lives.  Chloe tells Nicole that Sami told Lucas that her baby was stillborn which Nicole wonders about.  Nicole confides that she is worried about Sami and Chloe tells her to fight for her man.  Nicole questions Chloe about Lucas and Daniel and Chloe defends her actions. Chloe tries to convince Nicole that her heart is with Lucas, not Daniel.  Brady finds a drunk, heartbroken Daniel and the two begin to commiserate about their situations.  Chloe catches sight of Daniel and is visibly shaken, and Brady her reaction.

Nicole tells Brady that she is forbidden to see him. Brady tells Nicole that EJ is controlling her and that she is scared.  Nicole says she is just feeling insecure about Sami’s return.  Brady thinks Nicole should leave EJ, but Nicole won’t.  She kisses him on the cheek.  Stefano catches Nicole talking to Sydney.  Stefano wants to know what is bothering her and Nicole evades answering.  Nicole decides to find out what Sami is hiding. Nicole goes to the Convent and visits with Sister Theresa. Nicole doesn’t realize that Stefano had her followed there. Nicole asks to see the baby and Sister Theresa agrees.  EJ and Stefano discuss Sami and Nicole. Stefano almost tells EJ about Nicole’s visit to the Convent.  Instead, Stefano orders the Convent to be investigated.


{xtypo_sticky}Sami and Lucas are thrilled when Will returns on Monday, March 2nd. Will blames Chloe for Lucas falling off the wagon.

Daniel apologizes to Chelsea on Tuesday March 3rd and later imagines Max and Chelsea are him and Chloe.

Bo tells Hope of his vision of seeing her making love to another man on Wednesday March 4th.

Bo catches Max and Chelsea after they made love on Thursday March 5th. Chelsea decides it’s time to move out.

Melanie demands more money from EJ on Friday March 6th. Melanie later turns to an unlikely source for comfort.{/xtypo_sticky}

COMING SOON: Week of March 9


  • Stefano cryptically admits he was behind the mayor’s death
  • EJ tries to assauge Nicole’s jealousy towards Sami.
  • Max and Will share and awkward reunion.
  • Kate plays mind games with Daniel.
  • Sami is worried she will ruin her “thing” with Rafe
  • Roman witnesses the “dynamic connection” between Rafe and Sami.
  • Chloe opens up to Will about her love for Lucas.
  • EJ and Nicole make love.
  • Kate is hellbent on destroying Chloe; Victor warns Kate to be careful.
  • Stephanie finds Phillip’s human side appealing
  • Tony have a proposal for Melanie


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