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DAYS Previews: Week of February 16


DAYS Spoilers: Week of February 16

Lucas falls off the wagon and later has an explosive confrontation with Daniel.

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Daniel tells Chloe that they will leave town together if Kate is in remission. Kate meets with Daniel at the hospital and the two share an emotional moment. Chloe goes to the park and sees an angry Lucas. She admits that she still loves him but Lucas doesn’t believe her and leaves her crying in the park. A priest, Father Matt comes upon her and sits with her. Chloe confides her problems to the sympathetic priest. Father Matt tells her that she knows what she has to do. Lucas goes to the Brady pub and has a drink. Melanie innocently tells Maggie that Lucas is drinking. Daniel goes to tell Kate that there is someone new in his life but before he can, Kate’s test results come in. Kate is ecstatic to learn that she is in remission. She tells Daniel that she wants the two of them to start again. Daniel decides not to tell her about Chloe yet.

Meanwhile, Melanie tells Maggie she wasn’t aware that Lucas was an alcoholic. Maggie tracks Lucas down at the Cheatin’ Heart. Maggie, furious at Chloe, tells Lucas about Chloe and Daniel’s affair. Both Lucas and Daniel try to call Chloe at the same time. When one of them gets through, Chloe sees it as a sign from God. Chloe tells Daniel to meet her at his apartment. The fire alarm goes off in Daniel’s apartment building and Daniel calls maintenance. Chloe and Daniel decide to tell Kate and Lucas the truth when the maintenance man shows up. The maintenance man accidentally kicks the gas valve on. Daniel gets a page from the hospital and he leaves but promises to be back. Lucas decides to confront Daniel and takes off as Maggie goes to get the car. Chloe is about to let Lucas in when an explosion rocks the building!


Mia calls Nicole to ask how her baby is. Nicole snaps at her and tells her that it is none of her business. Mia is offended and says she may take her baby back. Nicole is able to placate her but EJ almost catches Nicole on the phone with Mia. Brady threatens Dr. Baker but Dr Baker turns it around, claiming that Brady is in love with Nicole. Brady goes to the DiMera mansion to find out the whole story. Nicole thanks Brady for always being there for her. Later, Nicole calls Dr Baker who suggests that Brady is in love with Nicole. Nicole comes on to EJ, asking her to make love to her. EJ points out that she just gave birth. Nicole covers and says that there are other ways to be intimate. EJ tells Nicole how much he loves her and Sydney. Nicole overhears EJ on the phone with Roman and learns that EJ will be coming home soon. That night, Nicole has a nightmare of EJ leaving her. Nicole asks Brady if he is in love her.


Phillip’s suspicion of Melanie continues to grow. Melanie receives a call from EJ about the Alternative Fuels Project. Melanie lies to Phillip and says that she is going to see Max. Melanie’s lie is exposed when Phillip sees Max and Chelsea. EJ and Melanie meet at the pier where Phillip catches them. EJ claims that they just ran into each other and Phillip pretends to buy it. Melanie tells Phillip that he can have the Project and her, or Stephanie. Melanie tells Phillip how much she cares for him but Phillip doesn’t want to hear it. Stephanie confides in Steve and Kayla that her relationship with Phillip is falling apart. Stephanie goes to Titan where Phillip tries to apologize to her. Max and Chelsea kiss. Melanie happily tells Max that she is close to landing Phillip. Max cautions his sister. EJ tells Melanie he is aware that she is using the Project to win Phillip; Melanie says she was but now wants EJ to have it. EJ considers it and makes it clear that he is in charge. EJ and Phillip square off over the Project and EJ makes it known that he has won. Phillip denies that he has lost and goes to see Melanie. Phillip goes to Maggie’s to see Melanie and declares his “true” feelings. Chelsea and Stephanie meet and Stephanie is fine that Max and Chelsea are together. Stephanie tells Chelsea that she is finished with Phillip. Chelsea urges her not to give up and Stephanie decides to go see Melanie.

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{xtypo_sticky}Monday, February 16 – At the hearing, Bo is forced to admit that Hope was in the wrong. Hope is forced to hand over her gun and badge to Bo.

Tuesday, February 17 – Kayla confides in Steve that she feels responsible for Hope losing her job. Bo pleads with Hope for another chance.

Wednesday, February 18th – Victor continues to pit Brady and Phillip against each other. Phillip believes that Brady is betraying him to EJ when he sees the two together.

Thursday, February 19th – Lexie and Abe are thrilled when Theo points at them and says “family”

Friday, February 20th – After seeing Phillip and Melanie kiss, Phillip tells Stephanie that he loves Melanie. Stephanie slaps Melanie.{/xtypo_sticky}

Coming Soon: Week of February 23th


  • Phillip accuses Nicole and Brady of having an affair.
  • Chloe pleads with God to save Lucas and promises to end things with Daniel if Lucas lives.
  • As EJ learns that Sami will be coming home soon, Sami is saddened about leaving Grace at the convent.
  • Phillip asks Stephanie for another chance but she may not be ready for it yet.
  • Chloe and Daniel end their affair and kiss, unaware that they were observed!
  • Sami visits Lucas at the hospital and is shocked by the return of Will!
  • Sami has an unexpected reaction at the sight of Sydney.
  • Hope tells Bo that she wants him to come home on the condition that he tells her his visions.


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