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GL Previews: Week of March 30


GL Spoilers: Week of March 30

Reva and Jeffrey reaffirm their love for one another as she goes into labor!

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{xtypo_sticky}Olivia decides she wants to throw Frank and Natalia an engagement party.

Marina admits to Mallet that she resigned from the department.

Dinah realizes that Lara had a profound effect on Edmund.

Daisy spins out of control.

Shayne learns that Lara was pregnant.{/xtypo_sticky}


Reva, gets a visit from Phillip, who brings her a baby gift. When Reva tries to throw Phillip out, he explains he doesn’t want to fight—he just wants to know about Sarah. Phillip leaves to go intercept Daisy at a bar. Meanwhile, Reva has a contraction. Reva learns that the baby is ready to be born. Colin informs Reva that as soon as she’s stabilized after the C-section, she’ll be taken in for radiation. Josh and Reva reminisce about Shayne’s birth. A scared Reva asks Josh to look after their kids if she doesn’t make it out. While alone, Reva records a video diary.

Edmund shows up and wants to clear the air with Reva. He apologizes for causing her pain. Shocked, Reva thinks she’s gone into labor as she tells Edmund not to leave. Edmund starts to panic. Reva orders him to drive her to the hospital. Josh and Jeffrey are discussing the threat Edmund could pose when they get a call from Edmund himself on Reva’s cell. Reva grabs the phone, tells them she’s in labor and that Edmund is taking her to the hospital. Jeffrey is in a state of shock, so Josh wisely decides to drive him to the hospital, but they get pulled over for speeding. Jeffrey and Josh desperately try to get the unsympathetic cop to release them so Jeffrey can get to Reva. Jeffrey finally arrives. Edmund and Josh agree to have a beer together. Reva and Jeffrey reaffirm their love as Reva prepares to give birth naturally. When Reva’s wheeled in for delivery, the nurse asks Jeffrey to step out while the doctor checks Reva’s progress. An anxious Jeffrey texts everyone to let them know Reva is in labor. Jeffrey tries to coach Reva as she braves through the contractions, but it just gets on Reva’s nerves.


Phillip thinks the home environment that Olivia and Natalia have created is perfect for Emma. Christina and Remy share a kiss. Phillip asks Reva where Sarah is staying. Dinah and Shayne distract themselves with a kite flying session. Natalia drops her wine glass when it seems Olivia is about to confess her feelings during a toast at the engagement party. Christina’s scholarship is revoked. Dinah tells Doris that she’s suing herself on behalf of the town so that everyone will see her remorse. Daisy asks Remy for drugs.

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