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GL Previews: Week of March 9


GL Spoilers: Week of March 9

Lizzie realizes the truth of about her kidnapping.

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{xtypo_sticky}Frank proposes to Natalia

The Four Musketeers come together for their High School reunion

Shayne tells Dinah he is happy to see her

Reva and Jeffrey hear devastating news{/xtypo_sticky}


Grady tells Phillip that in exchange for his testimony against Alan, Phillip has to forget about his role in Lizzie’s kidnapping.  Grady comes clean about everything with Phillip about the kidnapping.  Lizzie tells Frank that Grady was her kidnapper and she soon realizes that Cyrus was in on it.  Cyrus says he knows where Bill is however Lizzie doesn’t trust him. A truck pulls up, it’s Bill.  The two lovers run to each other and profess their feelings for oneanother.  Frank tells Buzz that Lizzie claims that Grady was the kidnapper.  Buzz is upset because he thinks this is another one of Alan’s ploys.  Daisy prepares for her date with Grady.  Frank worries what Grady may do to Daisy.  At the courthouse, Alan is positive that Grady won’t appear.  Buzz worries as Daisy calls Grady.  Buzz is furious when Grady doesn’t show.  Dinah is nervous when Phillip tells her that Grady was her kidnapper.  Phillip believes others were involved but he doesn’t know who.  Dinah tries to contact Grady.  Dinah confides in Shayne about her concerns about her role in the kidnapping.  The two come together in a passionate kiss but Dinah pulls away.  Phillip finds Alan, celebrating with a cigar.  Daisy receives an email from Grady…but is it really from him?


Emma tells Olivia that she wants to see Phillip, but Olivia won’t allow him to see her. Natalia tries to help Olivia with the situation with Phillip and Emma, but Frank arrives.  At the reunion, Phillip, Beth, Mindy and Rick reconnect. Phillip thanks them for standing by him. Mallet and Dinah arrive home from Bosnia. Marina meets her son, Henry Cooper.  Dinah is happy that she helped them. Dinah tells Shayne she is not going to base her life on others. When he calls her later, she ignores the call.  Edmund tells Dinah she will never be with Shayne. Josh and Shayne reconnect.  Reva discovers that she has to have radiation and give birth immediately. Reva refuses which upsets Jeffrey. Jeffrey goes to drastic lengths to ensure Reva and the baby’s safety.

COMING SOON: Week of March 16

Natalia and Olivia together search for a missing Emma

Buzz’s actions worry many

Jeffrey and Reva sue each other

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