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ATWT Previews: Week of March 9


ATWT Spoilers: Week of March 9

Parker and Liberty make a run for it; Lucy sets out to win Craig’s approval.

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{xtypo_sticky}Parker and Liberty make a run for it.

Henry throws a wrench in Katie, Brad and Vienna’s plans.

Alison and Jade face off.

Brian makes an unexpected return.{/xtypo_sticky}


Craig catches Lucy in the act of letting Dusty see Johnny and publically disowns her. After Parker and Liberty run away, Lucy sets out to redeem herself with Craig. She tracks down the teens thanks to help from an observant little brother. She hands the information to Craig and together, the two convince the teens to come home. Carly thanks Lucy for her help and convinces Craig to forgive Lucy’s betrayal. Father and daughter make a tentative truce, but Lucy later makes a phone call stating that they’re in business. Jack makes plans to use Parker’s trust fund money to send him away to boarding school. Parker refuses to let it happen and meets with a lawyer, who gives him a cease and desist letter, prohibiting use of the funds until a hearing can be scheduled about the matter.


Although Casey apologized to him, Matt tells Alison she’s too good for Casey and convinces her to go away with him. Emily asks Jade to sleep with Casey again and having overheard, Alison angrily confronts her sister. Later, Alison finds Jade kissing Casey and a catfight ensues. After Casey orders Jade to leave, he and Alison talk and agree on giving their complex relationship another shot. Casey asks Emily for her blessing while Alison tells Matt she can’t go with him. Later, Casey and Alison meet in the park and kiss. At the hospital, everyone gathers for Vienna’s procedure. Katie huffs that she didn’t want to have a baby this way, but Brad comforts her. Although Henry semi-accidentally delays the procedure, it’s a success. Vienna says she wants to name the baby while a disapproving Henry tries to act approving of the whole ordeal.

ALSO: Brian surprises Lily.
Paul and Emily team up.
Lucy’s up to something.
Parker asks Liberty for a big favor.
Luke tries to deal with the aftermath of recent events.

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