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ATWT Previews: Week of March 23


ATWT Spoilers: Week of March 23

Luke’s biological father Damien returns to Oakdale. What are his true motives?

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{xtypo_sticky}Lucy gets an ultimatum.

Jack is forced to place Parker under arrest.

Damian comes to Luke’s rescue.

Vienna gets devastating news.{/xtypo_sticky}


Wanting to make the public aware of housing discrimination in the gay community, Noah, Luke, and Lily appear on WOAK. While most of the responses are positive, hate mail eventually arrives. Not giving up, Luke decides on hosting a fundraiser to support gay rights. Although Holden’s concerned about safety, Lily convinces him that they need to make this a family effort and stand behind Luke. At the fundraiser, Luke gives a moving speech about Lily and heads to retrieve some research from his car.

In the parking lot, Luke’s run over. The driver checks his pulse and drives him to the hospital, leaving a note on Luke with contact information. Lily, Holden, and Noah soon arrive and hear that Luke will be fine. The doctor sends a question-filled Margo away so that Luke can rest and everyone follows suit. Luke is startled, however, when he sees Damian emerge by his bedside. Holden and Lily are surprised when they return and find a newly returned Damian by Luke’s side. They’re skeptical of Damian’s intentions in returning to Oakdale. And they might possibly be right in their skepticism…


Vienna learns she miscarried and tells Henry that she wants time to mourn the loss before telling Brad and Katie. They begin to make love, as do Brad and Katie, unaware that Vienna has lost the baby. Alison prompts Casey to accept Tom and Margo’s apology. Thankful, they invite the couple to dinner. A snooping Emily reports all of Lucy’s suspicious activity to Paul. Although he told Meg he was over her and only cared about Eliza, Paul blackmails Lucy with what he knows. He gives her 24 hours to rekindle the flame with Dusty and drive Meg away or he’ll tell Craig what she’s been up to.

Jack finds out about Craig giving Parker and Liberty a place at the Lakeview. Upset that Craig is stepping into his father role with Parker, Janet leaves the register at Al’s unguarded and a desperate, jobless Parker steals a wad of cash to support him and his new wife. When the robbery is realized, Jack has no choice but to arrest Parker, infuriating Carly. Craig posts bail for Parker, further antagonizing Jack. Later, the D.A. informs Parker that he’ll be put on trial for robbery. But not all is as it seems…

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