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DAYS Previews: Week of March 23


DAYS Spoilers: Week of March 23

Tony’s confrontation with Philip could prove fatal.

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Following an interview with a reporter, Bo informs Hope he has had another vision. His vision entails Hope in bed with another man. She ensures him of her love and tells him to believe in their love and he agrees. Bo’s visions also reveal to him who the other man is … and it’s Roman. Later, Bo and Hope make plans to go out on a date, but when Bo arrives to pick her up at the pub, he sees her with Roman which causes him to flashback to the visions of them in bed together. Unsettled by the visions, Bo calls off his date with Hope. When Hope asks Bo about the other man in his visions, Bo lies to her about it being Roman.


Philip meets with Tony on the piers in the hopes of buying back the formula, but Tony refuses Philips offer. Tony explains that he and Philip have something in common, as both of them are never going to please their fathers, no matter how much they try. When returning to the office Victor fires Philip for losing the fuel project to Tony and the Dimeras. Philip pleads with Victor to keep him on at Titan, but Victor doesn’t want to reconsider his decision. When Philip goes to clean out his office, he encounters Stephanie who tries to convince him to make a clean break and move on with his life. Philip congratulates Brady for being appointed CEO of Titan, and explains why Victor fired him but he isn’t giving up on the fuel project.

Brady believes Philip is about to do something stupid and desperate. Philip sends Tony a text message to meet him on the pier. Tony believes he’s there meeting a business associate, and learns it’s Philip when he arrives. Philip demands for Tony to return the fuel project to him and the two of them end up in a physical confrontation. Nicole can confirm Tony will undoubtedly tell EJ the truth and goes to confront Tony before he leaves town. She comes upon the struggle between Tony and Philip. As Nicole stands by and watches, the stairs give way and Tony falls onto the wooden pallets below. Philip yells for her to call 9-1-1. At the hospital, Bo breaks up an argument between Philip, Stefano and EJ, while Nicole slips into Tony’s room.


Maggie comes to see that Daniel has sacrificed his own happiness to ensure Chloe’s with Lucas.  Chloe and Lucas return to the Justice of the Peace office and they are stunned to find Kate there, waiting for them.  Chelsea is impressed with Max’s handling of Theo.  Brady overhears Rafe leaving a message for Sami and introduces himself as Sami’s step-brother.  Daniel pays Brady a visit. Brady talks about how even though he and Chloe are divorced, it’s still a bit odd that’s she’s remarried.  Bo visits with Chelsea and learns that she’s found a new apartment and Stephanie’s going to be her roommate.  Nicole confronts Mia about telling Tony the truth about Sydney.  Rafe tells a touched Sami he supports her and will go with her to get Grace.  Stefano is determined to make Tony pay for abandoning his family.


{xtypo_sticky}On Monday, March 23 – Maggie comes to see that Daniel has sacrificed his own happiness to ensure Chloe’s with Lucas

On Tuesday, March 24 – Kate has a few fantasies on how to get rid of her new, incredibly annoying daughter-in-law

On Wednesday, March 25 – Nicole meets up with Brady and tells him that Tony knows that she’s not Sydney’s biological mother.

On Thursday, March 26 – EJ and Stefano are shocked to learn that Tony is leaving the family – for good

On Friday, March 27 – Chloe checks her calendar, counting dates and is not happy with her discovery.{/xtypo_sticky}

COMING SOON: Week of March 30


  • Stefano, EJ and Nicole hold vigil for Tony at the hospital.
  • Sami and Rafe bond after Grace’s christening.
  • Hope is unable to get the answers she’s looking for from Nicole.
  • Sami tells everyone she adopted Grace.
  • The death of Tony DiMera rocks the town of Salem.
  • Philip is plagued with guit.
  • Lucas suspects Grace is Sami’s biological daughter.
  • Chloe believes she may be pregnant. Is the test positive or negative?
  • Stefano and Nicole clash over her lies.
  • Anna blames Stefano for Tony’s death.
  • Stefano vows revenge on the Kiriakis family.
  • Kate’s up to her old tricks again.


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