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GL Spoilers: Week of March 23

Lizzie learns just how far Phillip went to protect her.

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{xtypo_sticky}Lizzie learns just how far Phillip went to protect her.

Natalia agrees to marry Frank.

Beth represents Phillip at his trial.

Buzz meets his grandson.{/xtypo_sticky}


Phillip tells Alan he wants to talk to everyone he hurt and let them know the trial is for them.  Beth tells Phillip she will help him with his trial. Phillip asks for the deed to Company. Lizzie tells Phillip she will not attend his trial.  Phillip explains that he hopes the trial will give everyone a chance to start over, even if it means he may have to go to prison. Bill thinks he and Lizzie should go to Phillip’s trial so they can put everything behind them. Phillip visits the Coopers and explains he’s hoping to repair the damage he has caused. He hands Buzz the deed to Company but Buzz refuses to take it back. Rick tells Phillip he doesn’t think the trial is going to fix their relationship. Alan, meanwhile, tells Beth what Phillip is trying to do and Beth believes that Phillip has actually healed. Phillip sees Emma for the first time and she runs into his arms. Phillip tells her he is there for her if she needs anything.

Beth worries that Phillip will wind up in prison while trying to fix everything for everyone else. She wants him to focus on himself. Alan accuses Phillip of coming back to get even with him. At the courthouse, Alan tells Doris he’ll help her during the trial and drive the point home that Phillip is still a dangerous man. Lizzie, meanwhile, discovers the million dollars in cash that she left Grady. Lizzie looks around for Grady and is scared to find her father. He tells her he is sorry that she found it. Phillip admits that he did what he had to do to make sure Grady would never hurt her again. Lizzie realizes Phillip killed Grady.


Buzz meets his great-grandson for the first time. Bill & Lizzie go on a date. Would-be Godmother Dinah is exposed at the Christening of Henry Cooper Camaletti. Frank & Daisy serve as the baby’s Godparents.  Doris reminds Olivia that since she moved up Phillip’s trial, Olivia has to keep the secret that she saw her at Ladies’ Night. Reva & Jeffrey babysit Henry. Dinah wants to pay for what she did. Natalia is surprised to learn that Olivia is house-hunting. Olivia & Josh make a toast to meaningless sex, but admit they don’t want each other. Dinah’s statement isn’t enough to put her away.  Natalia confesses her feelings to an “unconscious” Olivia.

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