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ATWT Previews: Week of March 16


ATWT Spoilers: Week of March 16

Meg and Dusty take the next step in their relationship.

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{xtypo_sticky}Meg and Dusty take the next step in their relationship.

Emily wonders what Lucy is up to.

Liberty and Parker take drastic measures to get what they want.

Luke and Noah are treated with unkindness.{/xtypo_sticky}


Finding out about Dusty and Meg’s plans for a date in Chicago, Holden and Lily convince them that dating on the rebound isn’t a good decision. Paul learns about the cancelled date from Meg and becomes hopeful. Meanwhile, Lucy finds her father in a panic because he can’t find an important file; the same international file that she stole from him. She stages “finding” the file and Craig is grateful. Craig gets a call from the shipper and Lucy skips out on dinner with Craig to meet her contact on the docks. She pays him off so she can ship contraband goods with the Midnight Sun freight and returns to find Emily grilling her father.

Emily leaves and Craig thanks his daughter for standing up for him. Lucy later calls her contact and asserts that Emily might be an issue, but she’ll deal with her. Meanwhile, Emily tells Paul that Lucy’s up to something, but Paul shrugs that he’s not worried since Dusty and Meg are no longer together. However, across town, Meg responds to a kiss from Dusty after she claims they don’t have a real relationship. After they make love, Meg calls the farm to reveal she’ll be in late. Paul, waiting on Meg at the farm with Eliza in tow, surmises that she’s with Dusty. He bursts in on the two of them and lashes out at Meg for her betrayal. Furious, Paul calls Emily and swears he’ll destroy them.


Parker and Liberty leave town to get married, explaining to the judge that they must marry to protect Parker’s trust fund. Craig and Carly track them down and Carly’s outburst convinces the judge of Parker’s poor portrayal of his mother. Informed of the marriage by Craig, Jack and Janet rush to stop it, but they’re too late. Jack kicks Liberty and Parker out and Craig gets the teens a room at the Lakeview. Carly informs Janet of this, but not Jack. Craig comforts a shaken Carly after she has a fight with Jack, but she tells him to butt out.  In the honeymoon suite, Parker and Liberty realize just how broke they are and settle down for the night, opting not to make love their first night of being married.

When Noah and Luke are refused an apartment because of their sexuality, Lily convinces her son to use his foundation to fight discrimination. Holden’s surprised by his wife’s new role as foundation administrator and the couple takes pride in knowing that Luke has a renewed purpose in his life. Henry tries to bed Vienna, but she realizes she’s pregnant and they rush off to tell Brad and Katie the good news. Meanwhile, Janet informs Brad of Parker and urges him to not follow Janet’s parents’ example by disowning their daughter. Brad agrees and decides that he’ll let Liberty come to him. Brad and Katie soon celebrate when Vienna and Henry inform them that the artificial insemination has worked and Vienna is pregnant!

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