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GL Previews: Week of March 16


GL Spoilers: Week of March 16

Phillip learns of Dinah’s involvement in Lizzie’s kidnapping!

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{xtypo_sticky}Phillip confronts Alan about his involvement in Lizzie’s kidnapping.

Olivia and Natalia work together to protect Emma

Bill thanks Dinah for always believing in him

Josh tells Shayne to follow his heart{/xtypo_sticky}


Phillip visits Lizzie and assures her Grady won’t bother her again. Dinah and Cyrus search for Grady. Cyrus plans to ask Lizzie if Grady took the money. Dinah finds the rope that was used to tie Lizzie up. Bill walks in and sees Dinah. Cyrus asks Lizzie if Grady took the money, Lizzie isn’t sure. A hiding Phillip overhears and leaves. Phillip watches as Cyrus and Dinah rush into the warehouse to look for the money. The two search for the money and can’t find it, unaware that Phillip has it. Dinah and Cyrus know that Grady is gone. Dinah and Cyrus separate and Dinah runs into Phillip. Phillip suggests to Dinah that there were others involved in Lizzie’s kidnapping. Dinah tries to explain why she is there. Phillip calls Cyrus. Phillip disguises his voice and claims to be from an airline company with credit card trouble for Grady. Cyrus wants to know what flight, but Phillip refuses. Cyrus tells Doris he is leaving as Phillip throws the briefcase of money over the edge of the cliff that he threw Grady off of. Dinah hears from Frank that Lizzie’s statement points to the kidnapper being Grady. To celebrate Bill’s freedom, Dinah decides to throw a party at Towers. Dinah invites all of Springfield. Bill thanks everyone and professes his love for Lizzie and Dinah, the sister who always stood by him. Phillip stops Dinah and says he knows everything!


Olivia threatens Doris. Natalia wonders why Olivia was at a gay bar. Olivia explains that she didn’t know it was for Ladies Night. Lizzie and Bill want a fresh start, so they fresh from the very beginning. Lizzie gives a statement about the kidnapping. Phillip orders Alan to stay out of Lizzie’s life or he will reveal Alan’s secret. Phillip tells Bill he is happy that Lizzie has him. Shayne is worried about Dinah. Dinah wants to erase the past. Shayne confides in Josh about Dinah. Looking for Grady, Buzz lashes out about all he has lost. Daisy tries to bring Buzz home but he is determined to put Alan behind bars. Marina hopes that her baby will unite the Coopers. Billy, Vanessa and Ashlee visit Marina, Mallet and Henry.

COMING SOON: Week of March 16

A Cooper takes a shot at Alan

Dinah is on the edge

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