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DAYS Previews: Week of March 16


DAYS Spoilers: Week of March 16

Mia regrets giving up her baby and finds comfort in Will….until she realizes who he is.

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Mia goes to see Nicole at the DiMera mansion but runs into Tony. Tony demands to know who she is. Mia says she wants her baby but rushes out when she realizes what she has said.  At the Church, Will learns that Johnny will not be there so he leaves.  When Tony sees Nicole, he informs her that she knows her secret.  Nicole is stunned but Tony tells her he won’t tell anyone. Tony tells her he met Mia. Nicole tells him that Mia is a girl who is blackmailing her but Tony doesn’t believe her.  The christening begins and Lexie and Tony are the godparents. Nicole is unsure what Tony will do, but ultimately Sydney is christened. Meanwhile Will is at the pier when he sees a crying Mia.  Will wants to help her but she declines. He tells her that if she wants to find him, he will be at the Brady pub. Later she arrives there and the two get to know one another. When Mia finds out who Will is, Mia runs out.  Mia shows up at the Church and can’t believe she sees “her” baby.

Tony convinces Melanie to become partners with him. She agrees and goes to see Max. He refuses to give her the last set of blueprints. Melanie discovers that he keeps them at the Cheatin’ Heart.  Melanie finds out the combination of the safe and steals the plans, giving them to Tony.  Tony tells Melanie he will be in touch. Melanie fears that Tony will double cross her. Max confronts Melanie when he finds that the plans are gone.  Melanie then goes to Phillip and tells him that there still is a copy of the plans. She tells Phillip that Tony tricked her into giving them to him. Phillip runs out to see Tony and Stephanie phones Brady to warn him about Phillip.


EJ and Nicole decide to have Sydney christened.  Nicole panics when Stefano mentions that they should consider the convent for the christening.  Nicole lies about why she was at the convent.  Sami checks on Grace and when she finds out she is sick, Sami can’t help.  Rafe offers to go instead.  Will sees Sami and tells her that Lucas and Chloe eloped.  When Sami, EJ, and Nicole meet for the custody exchange, EJ invites Sami to Sydney’s christening.  Sami calls Rafe and informs her that she must find a way to bring Grace home.  At the christening, Nicole is happy that Sami shows up so that she can see how happy EJ is with Nicole and Sydney. Sydney spits up on EJ and Sami offers to hold her while EJ cleans up.  EJ sees how right Sydney looks in Sami’s arms.  EJ tells Sami that it could be the two of them christening their baby.  Sami tells EJ that they have both moved on.  Sam misses Grace and confides in Rafe that she is going to claim her that day.  Rafe tries to convince her to wait.  Sami goes to pick up Johnny and receives a call from the convent that Grace is ill.  Sami tells them she will come see her baby as EJ walks in.


{xtypo_sticky}On Monday, March 16th Kate boards a plane to Vegas, determined to stop Lucas and Chloe’s wedding

On Tuesday, March 17th Bo has another vision about Hope and in it, Hope tells him that she never thought his visions would come true

On Wednesday, March 18th EJ questions Nicole about Brady’s role in her life

On Thursday, March 19th Lexie realizes how much progress Theo has made and the two share a close moment

On Friday, March 20th Mia returns to the Pub where she runs into Will again.{/xtypo_sticky}

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