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DAYS Spoilers: Week of March 30

Nicole and EJ’s relationship continues to implode.

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As Tony clings onto life in the hospital he tries to tell EJ the truth about Nicole and Sydney. Nicole and Philip are questioned as to the events that led to Tony’s fall. After Tony dies, Nicole backs Philip on his statement that the fall was an accident. However, before his final breath Tony leaves EJ a partial note. Stefano vows revenge and EJ promises to find the meaning of the note.

After Stefano confronts Nicole on both her lying to EJ about her trip to the convent and her backing Philip, she gets into an argument with EJ. Nicole tells EJ maybe they should call the wedding off – and much to her shock he agrees. Anna then shows up and condemns Stefano. She informs him she is taking Tony’s ashes and leaving town. Stefano then makes another vow of revenge against the Kiriakis family. Later, Stefano remains cold and blames Nicole for her part in what he sees as a cover-up. At the end of the week Nicole is shocked to meet her new pediatrician – Dr. Baker.


After Sami & Rafe have Grace’s christening they go to the pub. Sami first runs into Will and tells him she has adopted this baby. Will is furious with his mother and storms out – as Rafe follows. Next Sami runs into Roman, who isn’t so sure about what Sami is doing. However after she informs him she isn’t looking for his permission, just his support, and Caroline chimes in Roman decides to show Sami his support. Will and Rafe then return, and Sami is curious as to what changed Will’s attitude.

Lucas then questions Sami, Wondering if this baby is in fact hers. Sami plays it off and after Lucas leaves spends time with Johnny, Allie, and Grace. Sami then starts to doubt keeping the truth from EJ and keeping Grace away from her father. She turns to Bo for some advice who tells her children and parents need to know each other in life. Sami then decides to go tell EJ and leaves Will and Mia with Grace. Mia keeps her distance but ends up holding Grace…


Kate puts her plan in motion by offering Chloe a job. However Kate is stunned when she realizes Chloe has taken a home pregnancy test. After Lucas arrives Kate informs him Chloe might be pregnant, but Chloe tells him she isn’t sure as the test is defective. Just then they receive a call from Daniel informing them about Philip. Later in the week Kate starts trying to forge Daniel’s signature in order to steal drugs to kill Chloe, but is interrupted by Brady.

After coming home from a shopping spree where she spent all the money Tony gave her Melanie is informed by Max & Chelsea that Tony is dead and Philip has been hurt. Melanie rushes off to the hospital where she runs into Stephanie. Stephanie then informs Melanie that her fuel project is dead and gone with Tony. Stephanie stands by Philip knowing he didn’t murder Tony, however Philip doesn’t feel guilt free. Max & Chelsea then argue over Melanie’s part in all of this.


{xtypo_sticky}Monday, March 30th – Lexie tries to keep Tony calm.

Tuesday, March 31st – Will apologizes to Sami.

Wednesday, April 1st – Chloe takes a home pregnancy test.

Thursday, April 2nd – Chelsea and Max argue over Melanie and her hand in Tony’s death.

Friday, April 3rd – Hope realizes Bo is trying to keep her away from Roman.{/xtypo_sticky}

COMING SOON: Week of April 6


  • When Stefano continues to blame Philip for Tony’s death, Philip suggests the Phoenix should blame himself for driving Tony to live up to unrealistic expectations
  • Philip tries to sympathize with Stefano to no avail
  • Nicole threatens to reveal Dr. Baker’s shady baby dealings, only to have the Doc threaten to reveal hers
  • While comforting EJ, Sami comes close to telling him about the baby….until she sees his desire for revenge is as strong as Stefano’s
  • Victor asks Philip to return to Titan
  • Kate’s theft of narcotics is foiled by Melanie
  • Nicole interrupts a close moment between EJ and Sami
  • Stephanie isn’t pleased when Philip returns to Titan. Chelsea convinces her to fight for the man she knows and loves.
  • EJ’s connection to Sami and Nicole’s actions prove stressful on EJ and Nicole’s relationship.
  • The living arrangments between Chelsea and Stephanie grows awkward
  • Sami feels she needs Rafe; Rafe believes Sami is still in love with EJ
  • Kate continues to plot Chloe’s downfall
  • Chloe is offered a job with the Vancouver Opera House
  • Nicole’s plans to blow Sami’s life apart are put on hold when she spots Rafe and realizes he looks familiar….


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