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DAYS Previews: Week of March 9


DAYS Spoilers: Week of March 9

Lucas and Chloe head to Vegas to get married! Sami wants to bring Grace to Salem.

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Lucas confides in Chloe how excited that he is about getting married. Kate plays mind games on Daniel and Chloe. Kate is upset when Chloe refuses to go wedding dress shopping.  Chloe asks Lucas about eloping. Lucas thinks Chloe is hiding something. Lucas sees Nicole and mentions how alike Allie and Sydney look. Lucas runs into Daniel and Daniel comes close to admitting the truth about him and Chloe. Will finds Chloe at the cabin and Chloe passionately tells Will how much she loves Lucas.  Will refuses to talk Lucas into eloping with Chloe. Daniel tells Lucas to give Chloe what she wants.  Kate confronts Daniel and tells him she is aware that Chloe is cheating on Lucas, but doesn’t let on that she knows it was him. Daniel asks Kate if she wants them to get back together.  Testing him, she says yes, Daniel says he wants more than a casual fling and he thinks that is what Kate is looking for.  Lucas and Chloe pack to leave for Las Vegas. Will walks in and Lucas invites him to join them for their wedding. Kate goes to the cabin to confront Chloe but instead finds Will, who tells her that the couple already left for Las Vegas!


Sami fears the worst if anyone finds out about Grace. Sami asks Roman to pull some strings for Rafe. When Roman asks Sami about her plans, she is unsure of what she will do. Rafe runs into Sami and reveals he has lost his job in D.C. When Rafe refuses Sami’s help, she is afraid she is losing him. Rafe applies for a job at the Salem police department. Roman calls a contact in New York about a job for Rafe and Rafe accepts it without telling Sami. When Nicole runs into Sami, she reveals how happy she makes EJ.  Since she is missing Grace so much, seeing Nicole may just push Sami too far. When Sami meets Rafe, she tells Rafe she wants to bring Grace to Salem.  Will sees that Rafe and Sami are getting closer. Will wants Lucas and Sami together, but Sami says that it will not happen.  Rafe is torn on taking the job or staying with Sami.  He calls New York, but what will he say?


At Titan, Phillip and Stephanie discover that all of the computer files are missing, including all information on the Alternative Fuels Project.  They immediately suspect EJ is behind the worm. Phillip goes to the DiMera Mansion to confront EJ.  EJ denies all knowledge and Phillip leaves empty handed.  Stefano listens and praises EJ. Phillip is worried how Victor will react and ignores Stephanie. Melanie overhears that the hard copy of the AFP has been destroyed.  Melanie confronts Brady but he refuses to confirm or deny it.  Melanie goes to EJ after discovering that he never wanted the AFP to succeed.  Tony eavesdrops on the conversation.  Tony suggests to Melanie that the two of them can help each other out.


{xtypo_sticky}On Monday March 9th, Roman confronts Stefano about the mayor’s killer. Later Stefano places a phone call where he admits he was behind the killer

On Tuesday March 10th Will and Max talk about family and Max confides in Will that he wants to become a father

On Wednesday March 11th Hope is ecstatic when Abe reinstates her to the police force.  Bo has another vision.

On Thursday March 12th EJ and Nicole make love

On Friday March 13th, believing that EJ is behind the destroyed project, Phillip tells Nicole that he is prepared to tell EJ that Nicole and Brady are having an affair.{/xtypo_sticky}


COMING SOON: Week of March 16


  • Nicole panics when Stefano suggests that Sydney be christened at the Convent of the Holy Cross


  • Lucas and Chloe prepare to get married
  • Tony and Melanie become partners
  • Victor finds out what is going on at Titan
  • Bo is jealous when he finds Hope and Daniel together
  • EJ notices how comfortable Sydney is with Sami
  • Will and Mia meet
  • Nicole is stunned when Tony reveals that he knows her secret
  • Sami decides it is time to bring Grace home


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