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ATWT Previews: Week of May 4


ATWT Spoilers: Week of May 4

Henry and Vienna’s secret is revealed to Brad and Katie.

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{xtypo_sticky}Henry finally comes clean.

Meg rails at Dusty for ruining her scheme.

Lucinda and Holden discover Damian’s secret.

Lucy makes a difficult confession.{/xtypo_sticky}


Katie, Brad, Vienna, and Henry agree to a child birthing program, all for the sake of the program. Katie asks Vienna not to include Henry since he seems to be a little possessive of the unborn child. Henry finds out, though, and rushes to the hospital. Katie lets him hold the BotBaby, a doll that simulates a baby, but Henry runs off with it. While Katie freaks out, Vienna finds Henry at home where he finally tells her that he wants to keep their child. Vienna insists it’s too late and they head to Brad and Katie’s to apologize for Henry’s behavior. However, Brad and Katie have received the real results from the genetics test and are livid. Although Henry and Vienna profusely apologize, Brad and Katie tell them that they no longer want the child and never want to see them again.


Craig uses Parker as his alibi but when Parker reveals the money Craig was giving him at the time of Cesar’s murder; Jack believes it was bribe money for Parker to keep quiet. Carly scolds Jack for letting his hatred for Craig cloud his judgment. Later, Carly agrees to help Craig prove Dusty has set him up so he can get custody of Johnny. Holden, Luke, and Noah run into Lily in New York while at a Cubs game. Lily reveals she came with Damian for business and Holden’s miffed. Lily explains that they came on behalf of Luke’s foundation and both Holden and Luke seem pleased…for the time being. Meg’s plan to make Paul act out in jealousy (and in turn, return custody of Eliza to her) backfires when a protective Dusty spills all to Paul, warning him not to touch Meg. Later, Meg makes baby steps towards Paul trusting her again and later, lashes out at Dusty for possibly ruining everything.

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