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DAYS Spoilers: Week of May 4

EJ is captured by the Kiriakis thugs as Victor gains the upper hand in his war against the DiMeras.

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Hope learns from Melanie that a new nurse is in with Philip; causing Hope to check in on Philip, where she finds the nurse trying to smother him! Hope quickly takes her down as Melanie rushes to perform CPR on Philip. Stephanie decides to take matters into her own hands and confronts EJ. EJ then calls Stefano but gets his voice mail. Brady, Victor, Bo, and Philip have a gathering to discuss the DiMeras and what to do next.

Victor then tells Philip that his plan is in motion. Meanwhile EJ is alarmed that he is unable to reach Stefano. Victor then interrupts a meeting between EJ and Dr. Baker by informing EJ he has Stefano. EJ then strikes a deal with Victor for the return of his father. However Victor’s men then grab EJ and toss him in a dark room where EJ discovers a body. Philip is released from the hospital and asks Stephanie to move in with him at the mansion. She accepts and when she arrives is overwhelmed by a romantically decorated terrace. Philip admits he had help by Owen, the gardener. Stephanie is then further shocked when Philip asks her to marry him.


After Sami confronts Rafe about his “other women” he admits that Arianna is actually his sister. Rafe then pushes Sami to admit her true feelings for EJ and she admits that she has feelings that will not go away. Rafe advises Sami he knew this, but needed her to admit it to herself.

After a conversation with Father Matt Lucas and Chloe go to eat at the Pub where he admits he is keeping a secret for Sami, a confession that Arianna overhears. Later in the week Rafe formally introduces Arianna and Sami. Rafe & Sami go on to enjoy a day with her kids, despite a run in with Nicole. The twosome later have an official first date, where things don’t go quite as planned. However perhaps that is for the best as by the end of the night they end up naked under a blanket. Sadly they are interrupted by a park ranger and when they return home they soon realize it won’t be so easy to make love with a house full of babies and teenagers.


Upon learning that EJ plans to look into Dr. Baker she urges him to leave town. The doctor refuses to do that and informs Nicole that it’s up to her to keep EJ from finding the truth. The two almost run into Sami and Rafe but Dr. Baker is able to leave before she can see him. Nicole then has Dr. Baker to the mansion and she tries once again to get him out of town. He refuses and leaves until EJ phones him up to invite him over. This time he almost slips and lets EJ know everything. EJ runs out to meet Victor and Nicole gets in a fight with Dr. Baker. She pushes him, causing him to fall down the stairs. He turns out to be OK by the time the paramedics arrive and says Nicole tried to kill him.

Kinsey informs Will that she went to school with Mia at Salem West and everyone thinks she left school and reappeared months later in a different school because she entered rehab for a drug issue.  Later will confronts Mia on her drug use and not wanting to admit the truth she goes with it. Will is not as understanding as she hopes and Mia opens up to Maggie. Maggie then confronts Will on how he has treated Mia and he agrees he did judge her harshly.

Kate confronts Daniel and informs him she knows about his affair with Chloe. She then issues a warning to stay away from Chloe. Kate then reveals her knowledge to Chloe, promising not to tell Lucas but then promptly fires her. Lucas is angry when he finds out but Chloe covers. Lucas confronts Kate regarding her attitude towards Chloe.

When Stephanie learns Chelsea is moving to London she thinks about leaving town herself but has a change of heart when she thinks of Philip. Max offers to go with Chelsea, but she refuses the idea. The two make love before she leaves town. Chelsea then goes to say goodbye to Philip, Bo, Hope and the rest of her family.


{xtypo_sticky}Monday, May 4 – Arianna overhears Lucas admit he is keeping a secret for Sami.

Tuesday, May 5 – EJ opens his door to Stephanie, who tells him the feud must stop.

Wednesday, May 6 – Nicole turns her aggression on Sami and Rafe.

Thursday, May 7 – EJ meets with Victor, who reveals that he has Stefano.

Friday, May 8 – Mia meets Maggie and talks to her a bit about her life circumstances.{/xtypo_sticky}

COMING SOON: Week of May 11


  • Lucas wonders why Kate’s feelings towards Chloe have changed.
  • Kate considers telling Lucas the truth about the affair, but feels he’ll blame her.
  • Nicole and Dr. Baker come to an understanding, or so she thinks.
  • Victor demands EJ sign over DiMera Enterprises in order to save Stefano.
  • Sami is shocked to see Dr. Baker and worries all could be lost if he talks.
  • Caroline voices her displeasure with Stephanie and Philip’s engagement.
  • Owen’s connection to the DiMeras is revealed.
  • Philip and Stephanie make love.
  • Bo and Hope attempt to get Victor to end the feud between the DiMera and Kiriakis families.
  • Bo has another vision
  • Maggie, Will, Mia, Melanie and Brady’s storyline begins to intertwine.


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