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ATWT Previews: Week of May 18


ATWT Spoilers: Week of May 18

Paul takes drastic action when he is backed into a corner. Rosanna reveals where she’s been.

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{xtypo_sticky}Rosanna reveals where she’s been.

Henry is nowhere to be found when tragedy strikes Vienna.

Paul takes drastic action when he is backed into a corner.

Lisa spies on Barbara to get information.{/xtypo_sticky}


Paul runs into Sally, the babysitter he paid off, who wants more money to keep quiet. Damian sees this and tells Meg about the payoff. She shows up with Dusty and together, they get the girl to give her statement to police. Meg discovers Paul has left town with Eliza and enlists Barbara’s help, vowing not to press charges if she can convince her son to return with Eliza. Damian tracks Paul’s pilot down and makes a deal with the pilot to keep Paul from going anywhere. Paul sees this, changes his mind, ditches his car, and seeks help in another town. Bonnie promises to help Dusty as much as she can, but begs him to let her and the police do their jobs. Lisa senses Barbara’s not telling them everything and agrees to spy for Damian and Meg. Lisa consoles Barbara, but Barbara’s still leery. While Damian tries to give Meg hope, Paul runs into Rosanna in unusual surroundings.


Jack is supportive of Parker’s decision to drop out of school, but Carly isn’t. Carly’s incessant drinking habits land her in hot water with the law and her family. Katie confronts Vienna with the news that Mr. Quick is a phony lawyer. Vienna chases after her upset friend, but ends up falling and miscarrying. Meanwhile, Henry’s winning $10,000 in a poker match so he can reimburse Brad and Katie. When he hears about the miscarriage, Henry’s livid with Katie and blames her for their grief. Hunter asks Alison out, but when she turns him down, he kisses Emily. She refuses to get involved with a young male employee for the second time, leaving Hunter embarrassed. Later, Alison feels bad and invites Hunter out with her and Casey. However, when he notices the couple start to canoodle, he bails.

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