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DAYS Previews: Week of May 18


DAYS Spoilers: Week of May 18

Philip wants to make a deal to ensure Stephanie’s safe return…will it go through?

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After Philip comes to he convinces Daniel not too call an ambulance. He then recalls his argument with Stephanie, becoming stressed when he can’t locate her. Meanwhile, Sami knocks the phone out of EJ’s hand making him miss a call from Owen. The two then bicker before she storms out. Owen receives calls from both Philip and EJ regarding Stephanie. The two men later meet on the pier where EJ informs Philip he had Stephanie, showing a photo of her on the morgue slap for proof. Nicole surprises EJ when after he confess’ he had Stephanie as a hostage she supports him.

Meanwhile, Victor had a nurse inject Stefano with a final dose of insulin and calls EJ to inform him the deadline is fast approaching. Philip is shocked when Victor refuses to let Stefano go in trade for Stephanie. Victor budges when Philip brings up his love for Caroline. Stephanie tries to escape but Owen grabs her, causing her to fall and hit her head. Owen then starts to doubt his involvement. When time comes to meet up for the exchange Stephanie pleads with Owen to let her go. He agrees, telling EJ there has been a change in plans. Philip then confess’ to Brady that he should have let the police deal with the DiMeras causing Brady to turn to Bo worried for Stephanie’s life.


After arguing with Arianna about his relationship Rafe tells her about the time they have spent together so far. Sami then turns to Rafe about her issues with EJ, not wanting to discuss EJ anymore he pulls her into a kiss that leads to them making love for the first time. After the two confess the love they feel for each other. Rafe goes to ask Sami a big question but before he is able to she turns down a marriage proposal explaining she does not want to rush things like she has done in the past. He informs her that he agrees, but what he wants is to adopt Grace. Will accuses Sami of playing more games when he learns Rafe is adopt Grace and storms out. Arianna is none too happy upon learning this, fearing that “it’s” all happening again to him.


At Maggie house for a meeting, Mia pulls Brady aside to explain to him that she was never an addict and never would use drugs when she was pregnant. She goes on to explain she didn’t want Will to know the truth, but is now wondering if it would be for the best if she confessed all to him. Mia learns Rafe is adopting Grace and wonders about her biological parents. Melanie surprises Brady when he overhears her leaving a message for Stephanie about the jewelry she found. Brady praises her actions, but she is curious as to why she has not heard back yet. Arianna spills her coffee all over Brady when the two run into each other. He buys her another cup and the two share a conversation. Arianna finds out he is Sami’s step-brother and admits she is not a fan. She is shocked to learn Brady isn’t font of hers either.


{xtypo_sticky}Monday, May 18, 2009- Mia’s continued lies start to eat her alive.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009- Brady and Arianna have a scratchy first meeting.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009- Sami thinks Rafe is going to propose to her.

Thursday, May 21, 2009- Philip is stunned that Victor refuses to trade Stefano for Stephanie.

Friday, May 22, 2009- Stephanie tries to convince Owen to let her go.{/xtypo_sticky}

COMING SOON: Week of May 25


  • Brady realizes Melanie has a clue to Stephanie’s disappearance.
  • The police arrest everyone involved at the exchange on the pier.
  • Owens plan shocks and scares Stephanie.
  • Lucas and Daniel both have vivid dreams about Chloe.
  • Bo, Brady, and Victor have it out over what went down at the pier.
  • Caroline lashes out at Victor.
  • Sami and Rafe realize it’s them against the world.
  • Melanie, Brady, and Philip team up to save Stephanie from Owen.
  • Mia stands up to Nicole when she demands she end things with Will.
  • Lexie’s fearful of how her brother and father’s dealings could affect her family.


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