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GL Previews: Week of June 15


GL Spoilers: Week of June 15

Alan makes plans to take back the helm of the company.

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Cyrus has a lead on the diamonds and tells Natasha. Cyrus learns Remy proposed to Christina and gave her a rare diamond. Suspicion is piqued when Cyrus learns it was Remy who found Edmund. While Remy and Cyrus encounter Clayton who thanks Remy for bailing him out, Christina is overheard by Dinah, as she tells her grandma, Remy proposed and gave her this rare diamond. Cyrus tips his hand and tells Remy all the information linking him to the diamond. Later, Remy informs Dinah, he believes Cyrus knows that he has the diamond. Cyrus’ cop friend is closing in on the diamond and he informs Natasha of the new developments. Remy leads Cyrus on a wild goose chase as he cooks up a story of gambling in the hopes Cyrus backs off.

Christina calls the dealer who purchased the diamond from Remy, in the hopes of getting it back. Doyle tells her, he doesn’t have it anymore, the diamond must of been part of a jewelry set that was sold. Christina tries to get her hands on the diamond inventory list to find out where the diamond went. She starts to put two and two together and confronts Remy about the diamonds. She is stunned when he reveals he took them. Remy explains he didn’t want to take them but he did to help out his dad. He and Christina retrieve the diamonds from the safety deposit box and he flushes them down the toilet. Meanwhile, Cyrus discovers a surveillance tape showing Remy examining the diamonds.


Philip tries to help James, but ends up making James hate him even more. Natalia is not sure what to do when Rafe asks for an explanation as to what is going on. Olivia worries Ashlee will find out and wants to tell her about Natalia, but is not sure how Ashlee will handle the news. Bill and Lizzie organize a press conference to announce their leaving the company. Bill is offered a job at H.B. & Sons. Lizzie offers her shares to Alan. Rafe is convinced Natalia was taken advantage of by Olivia. Alan nominates himself as the new CEO. Josh tells Shayne and Reva, Edmund may be alive and is framing Reva. Jeffery sets himself up to look guilty so he has a chance to slip away to go after Edmund.

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