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Oh the drama! Stephanie pulls away from Philip, and may later regret it.



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After sharing a passionate kiss with Philip, Stephanie pulls away once again. Thinking she will never fit in his world she leaves him. Bo visits Philip and advises him if he really loves her to put her first. Victor comes upon Stephanie & Nicole talking and learns of the breakup. He tries to pressure her to go back to him, but Philip interrupts them.

Nathan goes to meet Melanie at the cabin and comes upon her taking a shower outside causing her to scream, interrupting Brady & Arianna’s kiss. The group then decides to play a game of strip poker that leaves Brady & Nathan almost naked. The girls then talk the boys into taking them on a date. When Arianna finds out Brady is a recovering addict she decides they can go no further. By weeks end Stephanie runs into Nathan while Philip turns to Melanie.


Sami asks Rafe who Emily is, he explains she died on their wedding day and it’s a painful subject. She agrees to drop the issue however Arianna wonders if he should tell her everything. When he tells her he can’t in order to protect her, Arianna reminds him he once said that about Emily. Later in the week they make up and Sami asks him to move in.

EJ over hears Nicole leaving Sami a message about Johnny. She quickly covers. Stefano then reminds Nicole she will be in a worse place than Sami if the truth comes out. Later she finds out Stephanie broke up with Philip and warns EJ she may now tell all to help Sami gain custody of Johnny back. EJ decides it would be best to work things out but is angry when he sees Rafe moving in.


Daniel takes Chloe to the hospital where they are unable to diagnose her as her heath worsens by the moment. After she recovers Lucas invites Daniel out to dinner and Kate takes her plan to the next level. At the end of the week Daniel confides in Brady. Mia & Chad reconnect as she remembers their relationship. Chad runs into Will and informs him Mia was his girlfriend. Mia writes it off to Will and claims it was no big deal, but flashes back to a dream of marrying Chad.

Max & Caroline decide to promote Arianna to manager of the Brady Pub before he takes off for London. He then asks Bo for permission to ask Chelsea to marry him and is stunned when he says he can’t do that. Melanie, Caroline and Bo see Max off. Hope gives Ciara a new stuffed animal, explains the bear is hibernating. Hope’s friend Ellen watches Ciara for a bit while Bo & Hope discuss keeping Ciara safe. Meanwhile Ellen’s daughter Tracey gives Ciara her stuffed bear…

Victor & Caroline share a tender moment when he explains to her he doesn’t want Philip & Stephanie to lose out on something great like he and Caroline once did. Caroline tells him she understands, but asks him to leave Stephanie alone.


Monday, July 6, 2009 – Daniel, with the help of Maggie, steps back and decides to remove himself from Chloe’s case.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009 – Stefano gets information regarding Emily’s death.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009 – Will tells Chad to back off of Mia, but Chad has other ideas.

Thursday, July 9, 2009 – EJ vows that if anyone betrays him like Samantha did, they will be punished.

Friday, July 10, 2009 – Chloe spots Kate’s scarf at Daniel’s apartment. Will Kate be revealed?

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