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GL Spoilers: Week of August 24

Mallet makes the ultimate sacrifice and leaves Springfield.

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  • Cyrus, Remy and Buzz are astonished with their discovery.
  • Marina and Shayne make a decision about Henry’s future.
  • Natalia sets up a big date for her and Olivia.
  • Billy takes the big leap with Vanessa.


Marina and Mallet take Henry to his doctor’s appointment and during the visit, Mallet reveals they know the identity of Henry’s biological father and can get ahold of his medical records. Mallet calls Shayne so they can make a more informed medical decision about Henry. When Shayne arrives, he is introduced as Henry’s biological father. Mallet sees what is staring him in the face — a perfect family that doesn’t include him. Mallet gives Marina two options — both of which she doesn’t like rushes out the door. Marina tells Mallet she believes they can make it work, but Mallet feels he must sacrifice his happiness to give Henry what he deserves. Mallet shares an emotional goodbye with Marina and Henry, knowing he’s making the right decision. Mallet makes arrangements to take a job in Germany. Mallet tells Shayne to take good care of Henry. Marina breaks down in Daisy’s arms when Mallet walks out the door.


Holly’s return to Springfield sends Blake running to the cemetery to visit Ross’s grave — where she shares how lucky they were to find the kind of love they had. Jonathan and Jeffery are anxious to get rid of Edmund. Shayne reveals to Reva he believes she loves him, but he doesn’t have the bond like she has with her other children. Lizzie suggests to Bill they go home and make a baby. When Cyrus decides to go to Australia to hunt down treasure, Buzz follows him to get his hands on it first. Billy and Vanessa discuss children and family with Bill and Lizzie over lunch.

Alan warns James to stay away from Daisy. Alan makes an offer to Daisy — if she agrees to stay away from James, Alan will make the Cooper’s money problems disappear. Phillip wants to spend more time with his son, but James is reluctant. Ed informs Lillian there is a possible cure for Phillip but the procedure puts a donor at high risk. Olivia refuses to give Natalia a job because she feels it would be too hard for her to be around Natalia if they work together. Instead, Olivia asks Alan to find Natalia a job. Natalia sets up a meeting with Olivia to talk about their future, but Olivia tells her their relationship isn’t going to work out the way she wants it to. Natalia and Frank push aside their sorrows to concentrate on their unborn child, which is expected to be born on November 28th. Frank and Natalia agree as long as they love the baby, they can make their arrangement work. Olivia continues to struggle with her feelings for Natalia, but is determined not to be hurt again.

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