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ATWT Previews: Week of August 10


ATWT Spoilers: Week of August 10

Henry’s true parentage is revealed!

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{xtypo_sticky}James returns to remind Paul of his past.

Alison continues to make trouble for the Hughes family.

Bob struggles to give Kim the care she needs.

Holden picks up a dangerous stranger. {/xtypo_sticky}


Barbara finds Paul drunk in the wine cellar at Fairwinds. Frustrated, she tries to talk Paul into going to a clinic that she picked out for him. Paul finally agrees, but only if Emily can go with him. Barbara swallows her pride and agrees. Outside the clinic, Paul distracts Barbara while Emily sneaks up behind her with a wine bottle. After putting her in the back seat, Paul goes inside to inform the clinic that he won’t be residing there.

Instead, he finds the clinic empty until he comes face to face with James. Paul quickly realizes his father set the whole thing up. Suddenly, Paul’s memories return and he takes a wheelchair-bound James back to Fairwinds. Confused, Emily realizes Paul’s memory has returned. When Paul asks for his money back, Emily refuses and declares she’s the best thing that happened to him before storming out in a huff. Later, Paul lets his mother and father get reacquainted in the Fairwinds wine cellar.


Despite Lily’s kiss and declaration of her feelings, she maintains that she could never leave Holden. Damian returns to Meg and promises her that her feelings, not Lily’s, are what matters to him. After Faith witnesses Lily kissing Damian, Luke tries to figure out what’s bothering his sister, but she’ll only say that she thinks Lily is a phony. Later, the Snyder family receives grim news about Holden after his truck goes off a cliff. Audrey reveals that James Stenbeck is Henry’s real father. While Henry seeks consolation from Katie, Audrey tries to coax Vienna into getting Henry to cash in on his new found heritage.

Alison takes her concerns about Bob to Kim, who yells at Alison and then collapses. At the hospital, Alison asks Riley for help in finding Bob. Riley finally finds Bob wandering around in Old Town, confused and disoriented. At a celebratory dinner in her honor, Janet learns Teri was offered the job at Oakdale Now before her. Janet’s feelings are spared when Craig announces he required Teri to refuse the job and remain as Parker and Sage’s nanny.

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