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ATWT Spoilers: Week of August 3

Emily is surprised by Paul’s generosity.

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{xtypo_sticky}Meg and Lily exchange harsh words.

Luke questions Damian’s motives.

Bob puts a patient’s life in danger.

Emily and Paul enjoy their new arrangement. {/xtypo_sticky}


Even after speaking with a doctor about surgery to return his memory, Paul is still uneasy. Alison warns Paul to stay away from her sister, but he doesn’t listen. Instead, he buys The Intruder back to surprise a very thankful Emily. Barbara doesn’t like to see her son wasting his fortune away, particularly on Emily, and confronts him about his new spending habits. In front of Hunter and Emily, Paul tells his mother off. After Barbara leaves, he invites Hunter and Emily to relocate the paper to Fairwinds and to move in. They both accept Paul’s generous offer, unaware that the call Barbara made when she left will change things forever.


Alison blames herself. Although Brad initially offers Teri the position, Jack convinces him that a co-host gig on Oakdale Now would be a great way to cheer up Janet. Teri agrees she won’t say that she was offered the job first and Brad is pleased. Bob’s health is put into question. Henry suspects his mother is a serial killer when he looks through her things. A mysterious man with ties to Audrey arrives in town. Despite Lily’s best efforts to keep them apart, Meg contemplates a job offer from Damian. While Luke lunches with the daughter of his father’s client, Mason takes Noah to a private film screening. Tom makes a decision that upsets Margo. Lily and Damian’s confrontation turns passionate. Holden gets the cold shoulder from Luke.

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