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ATWT Spoilers: Week of September 28

Jack, Janet, Brad, Katie, Parker and Liberty are all shocked to see that Paul and Emily are the couple looking to adopt.


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{xtypo_sticky}Audrey offers Henry a way out of trouble.

Rosanna and Craig must explain themselves.

Maddie comes forward and sets the record straight.

Janet has a new idea for Liberty’s baby.


Rosanna and Craig get even closer while caring for Johnny after a playground accident. They make love, but when Johnny walks in, Rosanna has a change of heart and urges Craig to stay away. They exchange harsh words, neither letting on that the other is more hurt about the incident than they appear. After learning from a drunk Barbara that she hasn’t had a man in a while, Audrey persuades Henry to work his charm. Upon Casey’s urging, Adam agrees to leave town if Maddie testifies and he’s cleared of all charges. After the charges are dropped thanks to Maddie’s testimony, Adam holds up his end of the deal and leaves. Maddie senses that Casey’s heartbroken over his split with Alison. Noah’s un-nerved by unwelcome advances. Luke stands up to Mason. Eb comes to Oakdale. Maeve and Holden find what they’ve been looking for. Jack’s disappointed when his hunch falls through.


Jack, Janet, Brad, Katie, Parker and Liberty are all shocked to see that Paul and Emily are the couple looking to adopt.  Parker and Liberty leave when the adults start to argue and soon after, Paul and Emily leave in a huff. While Katie’s afraid that Liberty has discarded the idea of an adoption, Parker sets up a small meeting at Fairwinds between himself, Liberty, Paul, and Emily. Janet and Jack are horrified when they learn that Liberty has agreed to let Paul and Emily adopt her child. Although Emily’s cautious, Paul convinces her that nothing can go wrong and the couple rejoices. However, Ralph soon ruins the moment when he informs the couple that Liberty’s family is wary. He urges them to spare themselves the trouble, and Paul and Emily invite Liberty to stay the night, hoping to prove they are fit to raise a child. Meanwhile, a couple from Nebraska comes, hoping to persuade Liberty to let them adopt her child. Liberty humors them, but stays firm in her decision to let Paul and Emily adopt the child. Jack and Janet try to persuade Paul and Emily to back down, but they won’t budge. Later, Janet contemplates raising her grandchild as her own.


  • Rosanna and Craig continue to get closer.
  • Vienna’s shocked to find Barbara in her bed.
  • Audrey crosses the line.
  • Emily’s hopes are crushed by Liberty.
  • Dusty confesses all to Bonnie.
  • Brad and Katie get unexpected news.

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