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ATWT Previews: Week of September 14


ATWT Spoilers: Week of September 14

Holden and Maeve make a run for it.

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{xtypo_sticky}Lily and Damian succumb to passion.

Adam wants to keep the past buried.

Lucinda takes matters into her own hands.

Holden and Maeve make a run for it.

Emily and Paul take the plunge.

Faith gets an eyeful.{/xtypo_sticky}


After Brad breaks up Janet’s meeting with a priest, Liberty runs into Parker, who offers to marry her. Liberty declines his offer. Jack, Janet, and Brad all vow to support whatever decision Liberty makes. However, when Liberty finally makes her decision, Janet has concerns. After saving a sleepwalking Lily from drowning in the pond, Damian takes her home and the two make love. Faith walks in shortly after, sees the pair naked and in bed together, and runs off. Meg, having planned a trip to Aruba for her and Damian, drops off Eliza with Paul and is happy to hear about his engagement to Emily. When she returns to the farm, Meg’s shocked by Faith’s proclamation that Damian and Lily have had sex. Damian confirms the news. Hurt, Meg kicks him out. Across town, Vienna tells Henry she’ll leave him if he accepts James’s money. Audrey suggests laundering the money through her friend Ralph and Henry agrees. Later, he changes his mind and tells Vienna they’ll donate the money to charity. Thrilled, Vienna agrees to stay.


Maeve goes to the bank to withdraw money from Holden’s account. Coincidentally, Lily, with Damian’s help, happens to be closing Holden’s accounts at the same time. Maeve gets nervous when she suspects she’s been busted and scurries off. Lily’s baffled when she’s given what Maeve handed to the teller. It’s a letter of authorization with Holden’s handwriting on it. At home, Lily frantically searches for samples of Holden’s writing to compare in hopes it will prove Holden is really alive. Damian insists that Lily not delude herself into thinking the impossible and pockets the writing samples. Meanwhile, Eb is torturing Holden in hopes that he will spill where the money is. Holden stays strong when Maeve returns without the money. With options dwindling, Maeve knocks Eb out with a frying pan and releases Holden. The two escape through the woods, but get caught in a net, which Eb finds them in.


  • Barbara fights her feelings for someone.
  • Lily must make a drastic decision.
  • Janet solves Liberty’s problem.
  • Adam faces the music.
  • Meg’s actions disturb Paul.

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