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ATWT Previews: Week of September 7


ATWT Spoilers: Week of September 7

Things don’t always go as planned in Oakdale!

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{xtypo_sticky}Janet urges Liberty to re-think her decision.

Audrey blackmails Henry into giving her what she wants.

Meg is threatened by Lily and Damian’s closeness.


Henry takes charge. Riley’s fate is left up to Tom. When Noah helps an injured Mason take off his shirt, both men are clearly affected. Janet stops Liberty from having an abortion and rails Teri for forcing Liberty to make such a drastic choice so soon. Following Craig’s advice, Parker comforts an emotional Liberty after she tells him that she’s pregnant and Tony is the father. Upon Damian’s suggestion, the Snyder’s gather to plant a tree in Holden’s memory. Meg’s desperate to reconnect with Damian and lets Paul keep Eliza. Emily is touched by Paul’s bond with his daughter and begins to rethink her decision about not marrying him. Meanwhile, Meg arrives to the tree planting too late and instead, witnesses Damian bonding even more with Lily and Ethan.


Audrey plunges the syringe into James’ neck and once Henry arrives, discreetly discards it in Henry’s pocket without his knowledge. James dies. Henry discovers the syringe in his pocket and realizes his mother’s setting him up. When Vienna confronts her about it, Audrey blackmails them into keeping quite, especially since they both have motive and Henry has the murder weapon. Henry realizes he’ll have to accept James’ inheritance now, in order to pay off his mother. Barbara learns of James’ death from Audrey and later, sees her with the lawyer. Realizing that Audrey kept James from changing his will, Barbara corners Vienna at the hospital, who vaguely blames everything on Audrey. While Paul and Emily celebrate the good news of James’ demise by breaking wine bottles, Barbara tells Audrey she’s ordering an autopsy on James. However, things don’t always go as planned in Oakdale.


  • Jack puts two and two together.
  • Liberty shocks everyone.
  • Emily and Paul get closer.

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