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ATWT Previews: Week of October 12


ATWT Spoilers: Week of October 12

Craig bribes Parker with control of his trust fund.

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{xtypo_sticky}Liberty falls back into old habits.

Jessica arrives to give Bonnie some advice.

Parker discovers Rosanna and Craig’s secret.

Vienna is shocked to find Barbara in her bed!


Brad arrives in time to save Katie and Vienna. Henry, who was with Barbara, feels guilty, confesses all to Katie, and and asks for her advice. Katie assures him he’ll find a way out of all the mess. Later, Henry tries to end it with Barbara, but she’s determined what they have together is real. Teri’s offended when Dusty says that he recognizes Ralph as a con-artist. While preparing for her trip with Dusty, Bonnie gets a surprise visit from Jessica, who has reservations about her daughter’s love life. Emily turns off Liberty’s alarm so she can sleep, henceforth making Liberty miss her SAT’s. Furious with Emily, Liberty has a few drinks and when Emily tries to lecture her, Liberty announces the adoption deal is off. After finding out that his marriage to Lily is valid because Holden was pronounced dead, Damian takes his new wife out to celebrate. Instead, they run into Holden and Maeve and Lily is obviously affected. Brad and Katie are overjoyed with the news they receive, but their happiness might not last long. Parker’s generous offer gets him one step closer to Liberty. Vienna’s hurt when Henry tells her the truth.


Parker overhears Johnny say something about Craig and Rosanna, leading him to believe there’s something going on. When he finds the two of them kissing, his suspicions are confirmed. Craig and Rosanna beg Parker not to tell his mother. He agrees, but only if they agree to stop seeing one another, to which Rosanna and Craig agree. Later, the temptation is too much for the couple and they kiss again, only to be spotted (again) by Parker. Craig bribes Parker with control of his trust fund, but Parker tells him to go to hell. Jack tells Rosanna and Craig that he spoke with Carly, but they only spoke about the kids. Later, Parker agrees to keep quiet if Craig allows him to have control of his trust fund. Rosanna doesn’t like the idea, but their hands are tied. Despite their repeated attempts to stay apart, passion overwhelms them and they make love.


  • Parker’s news floors Liberty.
  • Jack’s mistake haunts him.
  • Damian gets Lily right where he wants her.

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