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ATWT Previews: Week of October 5


ATWT Spoilers: Week of October 5

Wedding bells ring this week on As The World Turns

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{xtypo_sticky}Paul is bothered by Meg’s odd behavior.

Lily is left speechless when Holden comes home.

Luke is disappointed when Noah misses an important moment.

Liberty struggles with Janet’s offer.


Meg’s insistence in bringing down Damian reminds Paul of his once obsessive behavior. Liberty snaps when Emily badgers her about what she’s been eating and drinking. Emily just wants the baby to be healthy but soon starts to realize that her persistence might have soured Liberty against her. Meanwhile, Liberty’s in for an even bigger shock when she hears Janet’s proposal that she and Jack raise the baby as her own. The idea sounds good to Janet, but Liberty’s determined she could never act like a sister to her own child. Noah misses Luke’s mom’s wedding when he and Mason run into car trouble. Rosanna battles her feelings for Craig and even goes to see Carly in hopes that it will remind her why she can’t be with Craig. However, Rosanna eventually give in and the couple makes love again. Maeve returns to Oakdale. Lucinda encourages Meg to follow through with her hunch about Damian’s connection to Holden’s abduction. Mason’s harsh words infuriate Noah. Henry’s desperation forces him to sleep with an older woman. Katie overhears confusing sounds. Things get a bit smoky for Vienna over at Al’s. No one can escape the wrath of Uncle Ralphie.


Holden and Maeve’s escape attempt backfires when the cellar crashes in on them. Free at last, Maeve takes an injured and weak Holden to a hospital in Kentucky before fleeing with the help of her nurse friend. Holden asks this same nurse friend, Renee, to lend him her car so he can return to his wife and kids. However, back in Oakdale, Lily has finally agreed to marry Damian after he saves Faith from Eb, who impaled himself on a fire poker after a strugggle with Damian. Meg’s certain that she still has a chance with Damian, because Lily’s children will never approve of her re-marrying so quickly. However, the kids tell Lily to do what she wants. Lucinda furiously vows to boycott the wedding, Emma’s so distraught that she leaves town, and Meg watches the ceremony from outside in the rain. And as luck would have it, Holden rushes in at the same moment that Lily and Damian are being named man and wife.


  • Barbara schemes against Audrey.
  • Maddie comforts Casey.
  • Alison’s emotions get the best of her.

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