A “Day of Days” With Suzanne Rogers & Molly Burnett


A sit down interview with Suzanne Rogers and Molly Burnett during Days of our Lives and NBC’s second annual “Day of Days” event.

TVSource Magazine’s Assistant Editor William Dallman attended the second annual “Day of Days” event on Saturday, November 7, 2009. The following interview was conducted at the Samba Brazilian Steakhouse and Lounge in the Universal Studios Hollywood: CityWalk.

You won’t hear any complaints from Suzanne Rogers about Days of Our Lives. The vet was very candid about her workplace revitalization. “They rediscovered me,” she said with a smile. “You know I was there and it would hurt me when I would go outside and people would say ‘Oh I’m so happy you’re back on the show.’ I never left. So it’s nice to have something to do, and I owe it all to this one right here,” she explains, holding onto Molly Burnett’s hand.

The two women have an obvious bond between them. Burnett had her arm around Rogers for nearly the entire interview and Rogers held onto Burnett’s hand like a proud grandmother. When asked how it feels playing a “grandmother” type to a whole new generation of Salem, Rogers responds with a smile, “I don’t mind being called ‘Grandma’ and I love this girl,” referring to Burnett once again.

I asked Suzanne why she thinks people have responded so well to the Maggie and Melanie relationship. “Well because [Melanie] didn’t really have a mom that we know of. She didn’t have any guidance… I let her vent, listen to her, and then we talk about it.”

Burnett added, “She doesn’t judge.” Rogers concurred.

Rogers went on to detail a scene between she and Burnett where Maggie lies to Melanie, trying to get her out of the room to talk to Nathan to warn him about her. “That was hard,” she explained. “[Maggie] said to [Melanie] I love you. I’m doing this for you because I know you’ve had eyes for Philip from the beginning… I don’t want my grandson hurt.”

On working with other actors such as Alison Sweeney, Rogers said, “Isn’t that nice! That was really one of their first scenes together in all these years [one on one].” I commented that it made sense for the two to bond because Maggie also suffered the loss of a child. Rogers agreed, “That’s when I won my Emmy, when I lost my daughter.”

Rogers spoke about Mickey Horton, her on-screen but not seen in years husband, mentioning she would like to see him pop back up. “That would be nice. They talk about him being in Chicago all the time. But, I have all my kids. I have my Mia and my Nathan and my Melanie. I have enough going on. I have restaurants.” When asked about Maggie moving on Rogers says, “I don’t know, maybe it could work.”

As for Maggie’s current storyline and relationship with the younger crowd, Rogers was excited for what’s in store for them. I tried to get Burnett to share just a little with me, but she was very tight lipped. “They have some amazing stuff coming up. I can’t wait.” she teased. Keep your eyes open for those scenes in January.

Molly seems to be enjoying the balance between playing the schemer and the charmer, something that the show has added to her character. “I feel like now I get to be funnier,” she remarked. As for whether she prefers playing the good girl or the bad girl, Burnett played coy. “I feel like when I’m with Nathan, I get to be the good girl and when I’m with Philip, I get to be the bad girl.”

Suzanne offered praise and appreciation about the work that goes into Days. “I feel like the group of writers and producers have their stuff. They know what they want. Whatever they do, that’s ok with us. What they have done so far is great. The casting is wonderful.”

“I’ve always loved my work. Always. You have to love what you do and love the people you work with,” said the veteran, reflecting back on her years with the show. She looked at Burnett and smiled, saying, “I just love her, and that makes your job so much easier.”

Burnett spoke in awe of watching Rogers work. “Watching someone who loves what they do, and who is good at what they do, and is so real [pause] … She is so real and puts all of it out on the line. She gives everything she has, even in the rehearsals. It’s great. I love working with her. I love her.”

“We are really good friends,” Suzanne said, squeezing Molly’s hand.

Burnett agreed with her. “She’s my Hollywood Mom,” the actress said flashing her beautiful smile.


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