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Visiting The Set of ‘Days of Our Lives’


Visiting The Set of 'Days of Our Lives'

A quick recap of my visit to the set of “Days of Our Lives.”

Last week, TVSource Magazine was invited to be a part of a special online-media only event at the Burbank, CA set of NBC’s Days of our Lives. We had a fantastic experience that made us pumped up for the “Day of Days” fan event the next day.

At the studio we were treated to lunch and watched the current day’s episode and an upcoming one too. Afterward we watched some of the actors film their scenes on the feeds. Though we can’t share what we saw – we can tell you that if you tune in you certainly won’t be let down!

Some notes about the studio:

  • Seeing as how it was “Christmas In Salem” (as evidenced by the Christmas decor in the back of the picture), it certainly felt like Christmas. Everything was decorated as if you were in your own home. From the trees, to the bows and ribbons, the lights — the fake snow. It even kind of smelled like Christmas.
  • They have drawings along the walls of all the famous people who have taped there over the years. I took a picture near the drawing of MacDonald Carey and Francis Reid (Tom & Alice Horton).
  • The bottles of alcohol at the Brady Pub are all misspelled. For instance, “Seagrams” is spelled “Seagulls.”
  • Through the wonders of “TV magic,” some of the sets seem larger than they actually are. I was surprised at how small the foyer in the DiMera Mansion was actually was.

After the tour the media was given a chance to have photos taken on the set of the Brady Pub. Stars Molly Burnett (Melanie) and Casey Deidrick (Chad) stayed after work to take photos with everyone involved. You could tell Molly and Casey enjoyed interacting with everyone there. Molly’s bubbly personality and Casey’s laid back, yet warm demeanor certainly made a great day even better.

TVSource Magazine would like to thank NBC Universal and Days of Our Lives for allowing us to partake in the event last Friday. The publicity departments for DAYS and NBC have done a great job at embracing the online media and going far to establish a working relationship. We’d also like to thank all of the actors who stopped by and spoke with us in between taping their scenes. And last but not least, John Paschal International (JPI) for supplying photos.

For interviews conducted last Friday on the set of Days of Our Lives with Wally Kurth (Justin), Eric Martsolf (Brady), Casey Deidrick, Taylor Sprietler (Mia), Molly Burnett, Lindsay Hartley (Arianna), Mark Hapka (Nathan), and Shelley Hennig (Stephanie) as well as interviews from the “Day of Days” event, check out the links below:


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