A ‘Day of Days’ With James Scott & Arianne Zucker


A sit down interview with James Scott and Arianne Zucker during the “Day of Days” event.

TVSource Magazine’s Assistant Editor William Dallman attended the second annual “Day of Days” event on Saturday, November 7, 2009. The following interview was conducted at the Samba Brazilian Steakhouse and Lounge in the Universal Studios Hollywood: CityWalk.

Do you know how difficult it is to interview one of the most beautiful men and women in soaps? I’ll tell you…VERY! If James Scott’s accent doesn’t melt your heart, his smile surely will. Ari Zucker seems to personify the “glowing pregnant woman.”

Would Zucker have preferred to play pregnant when she actually was pregnant? “I think it would have been really difficult to play what I played if I was really pregnant.”

When we began talking about her current storyline I asked her to explain Nicole’s reasons for doing what she did. “I didn’t do anything… on purpose. I did it for love,” the actress explained in character. “I think she makes the worst choices ever. She’s at a point in her life where she really means well.” Zucker also talked about the inherent desire some women feel to have a baby. She said she channeled that when playing Nicole, but admits that, “There is no big picture plan in her life, it’s literally day to day!”

The charming Scott, who is even more handsome in real life than onscreen, says that it’s been fun to work with different cast members. He quickly adds, “I wish I worked with more people, more of the cast. I really do. There are so many people I haven’t worked with and I’d like to. I worked a little bit with Taylor (Spreitler, Mia) and a little bit with Casey (Deidrick, Chad). I think we’re really lucky to have them be a part of the cast.” Scott goes on to praise Deidrick as an actor who learns from experience. On Spreitler, “She brings an honesty that is touching.”

Scott says, “They just love each other,” when talking of his character’s on-screen love/hate relationship with Sami Brady. He then empathizes with his character saying that if EJ wanted to work things out with Sami since they have kids together, he could understand that. Scott adds that if he found out he had a child with someone that’s how he would feel.

Switching gears, it’s obvious that Scott and Zucker have an easy-going, fun friendship in real life, which is only further evidenced by their next exchange. When a question about Brady came up, Scott yelled “Whore!” joking about Zucker’s character.

“Hey, I had him before you so that doesn’t make me a whore,” she defended laughing.

So what’s next for EJ now that he’s done with Nicole? Could his next love interest be an old flame? “I don’t know who EJ would really be with. The thing is Samantha seems to be very happy with Rafe. EJ thinks Rafe is the scum of the Earth.”

“If EJ just had a forgiving bone in his body he could be with his wife!” Zucker said laughing.


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