‘A ‘Day of Days’ With the ‘Days of our Lives’ Cast Part 2


As I saw Renee Jones (Lexie), James Reynolds (Abe) and Terrell Ransom (Theo) approaching my table, I noticed the actors were wearing matching blue puzzle pieces. Curious, I asked what the pieces meant. “They represent Autism Speaks, an origination that has helped us out,” Jones explained. An interesting note is that anytime Terrell Ransom tapes, they have a person on set to help direct him.

“We are so comfortable with each other,” said Jones of her onscreen chemistry and relationship with Reynolds.

“Abe and Lexie as an African-American couple have been able to get older and allowed to grow. It doesn’t happen that way. There is a cut off point, ya know? Except for one other actor on one other show,” Reynolds said, thankful for the time he has had on Days.

Switching gears to favorite storylines, Reynolds says his was the Salem Strangler. An indecisive Jones couldn’t choose between when Lexie found out Stefano was her father and the baby swap with J.T. and Zach. Both were excellent choices.

We are also curious to know if Jones thought Lexie would be able to relate to Nicole when the truth about the baby switch comes out, seeing as how Lexie was involved in a baby switch of her own. Jones gives quite an interesting answer. “I hope that she will. I had a scene a couple of weeks ago where Chad, ‘Don’t trust Nicole.’ So wherever they take it, I’m going to try and play it that I am sympathetic to Nicole.”

Both stars expressed their love of working with co-star Alison Sweeney. “I love working with her so much. I loved us hating each other… I liked when Sami was in the bathroom and Lexie came in and sprayed champagne all over her,” Jones laughs.

“Abe has been in many ways a father figure [to Sami], but there was difficulty there because of Lexie’s relationship. He walked the line quite frequently,” noted Reynolds.

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