‘A ‘Day of Days’ With the ‘Days of our Lives’ Cast Part 2


“I don’t know what I see in the future. It’s very difficult,” said soap vet Peggy McCay when asked about the future of soap operas. When we started talking about some of her favorite storylines, she said her favorite was her first arc — the secret of Bo’s parentage.

The conversation soon turned to Victor Kiriakis, a man that both Caroline and Vivian have in common. “I think Caroline has some fight in her,” McCay said strongly the possibility of sharing Victor with Vivian.

Did Louise Sorel ever think a return to Days of Our Lives would happen? “No, no. I mean ten years went by why would I?” exclaimed the actress. “[Executive Producer] Gary Tomlin called me,” Sorel said. The veteran actress said that Tomlin told her Crystal Chappell (Carly) was coming back, something she already knew because of her real life friendship with Chappell. Tomlin told her they were thinking about Vivian. “Three weeks went by and I didn’t hear anything. Then my agent called me. It was hard because I [was living] in New York, but I love the character,” she says.

Sorel loved the infamous buried alive storyline she did with Crystal Chappell. “It had more of an impact than I thought. We committed to it,” she said.

When Sorel spoke of working with the late James E. Reilly on Passions, “I worked mostly against him,” she said. “I couldn’t believe what I was doing [on the show].” Sorel played Dot on Passions, a character who befriend Kay Bennett (Heidi Mueller) when she was working at the town fish cannery. Sorel was relegated to cutting fish heads, an act she has in common with Lauren Koslow’s Kate, who’s character on Days also pulled fish head duty back in the Reilly era.

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