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ATWT November Sweeps Previews 09


ATWT November Sweeps Previews 09

Previews for “As The World Turns'” November Sweeps.

In an interview with Soap Opera Digest, ATWT’s new co-head writer, David Kreizman, states that "this is a real chance to tell some bigger stories-stories that connect a lot of people in town and a lot of the favorites- and definitely to reach back into the history. But, really, it’s just to focus on the people we think our audience cares more about." This November, he pledges that the show will "pull out all the stops" in its storytelling and production.

Carly joins Jack on his trip out of Oakdale. After accidentally killing his brother, Jack will need some guidance. Carly wants to be there for Jack, much like he’s been for her, time and time again, in the past. Along the way, they stumble upon some familiar faces from Oakdale’s past.

Rosanna and Craig were certain that their affair was excusable because a sober Carly wouldn’t want Craig when she returned, but when Carly asserts that one of the things that kept her sane in rehab was the thought of Craig, the adulterous couple is caught off-guard.

A mysterious new character named Mick (played by Tom Pelphrey from the recently cancelled Guiding Light) comes to Oakdale, promising to change Barbara and Emily’s lives. Alison first meets Mick in the hospital basement and he frightens her, until she realizes he may have something to offer.  Mick will be involved with Paul, Emily, Alison, and Barbara.

Although Casey has started a relationship with Maddie, he’ll be torn by his lingering love for Alison. Hunter tries to play matchmaker with Alison and Casey, intent on having Maddie for himself. Alison, though, plans to stay single for a while.

Holden, hurt that his wife re-married during his absence, will try his best to move on. And while Lily wants Holden back, she’ll continue to be torn between him and Damian. Meanwhile, a jealous Meg will try her best to get Damian back. We also discover, along with Meg, that Damian might know more of Holden’s absence than he lets on.

Mason will not become psychotic in his advances towards Noah, but he will be aggressive. He wants Noah, and doesn’t care if Luke is in the way. Luke starts to show his "Damian side", but it will have consequences for Noah and himself.

Teri starts working for Dusty and ends up falling for him. Dusty, however, isn’t the least bit interested in her or in a relationship in general. Instead, he’s there for her sister Janet when Jack leaves town. The newfound friendship between Dusty and her sister is certain to make Teri uncomfortable.

Nancy will appear during the holidays and will also be a part of the story between Alison and Casey.

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