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ATWT Previews: Week of November 2


ATWT Spoilers: Week of November 2

Oakdale says goodbye to Brad Snyder.


  • Craig and Rosanna have a lot of explaining to do.
  • Katie can’t deny she feels Brad’s presence.
  • Holden gives Lily an ultimatum.
  • Luke grows tired of Mason’s attitude.


At a court hearing, the judge gives Holden his life back and tells Lily she can’t have two husbands. The judge must have Lily’s decision when court re-opens the next morning. Damian insists that Lily not throw away what they have together. Meanwhile, Holden tells her that in order to have a life together, she must cut Damian off completely. However, the next morning, Holden makes a grim decision about his marriage to Lily. Teri’s surprised by Dusty’s kindness. Jack runs into an old friend in Philadelphia. Carly’s return complicates things for Craig and Rosanna. Luke’s disturbed by the close-to-home breakup scene in Noah’s film. Noah and Luke face off about Mason.


Janet is shocked when she sees Jack has been up all night, drinking beer, and staring at a childhood photo of himself and Brad. While Liberty gets ready for her dad’s funeral, she overhears that Jack was drinking the night he shot Brad. Meanwhile, Katie goes to see her son and apologizes for not being around lately. She’s in awe of how much the young infant looks like his father. In Old Town, she runs into Henry, who just came from getting checked out by Alison for his hallucinations of Brad. Katie’s cold towards Henry, who keeps getting hassled by Brad to give Katie a notebook. Katie ends up with the notebook and a post-it attached. At the funeral, Jack emerges in the shadows, but runs out when Katie reads an essay Brad once wrote about his hero (Jack) and declares her son will be named Jacob Bradley Snyder. In his attempt to flee, Jack runs into Carly, who eventually ushers him back into the church, but everyone’s already left.

Carly returns home, much to Parker’s delight and Craig and Rosanna’s fright. Parker asks if Craig and Rosanna told Carly, but Carly has no idea what they’re talking about. Meanwhile, Jack has a heart to heart with Margo and turns in his badge and gun. He goes to the Snyder farm and leaves a note for Janet before heading out of Oakdale to sort things out. Back at Katie’s house, Henry interrupts ghostly Brad’s attempt to reconnect with Katie, but she can feel Brad’s presence. Carly encourages Craig and Rosanna to join her at an open AA meeting and once there, publically thanks them both for their support. Rosanna can’t handle the guilt and rushes out, just as Carly gets a text from Sage. While Carly returns home to see her daughter, Rosanna and Craig retreat to his hotel room to make love. Before the week is up, Carly’s discovery has her fuming mad, while Jack’s encounter with an old friend leads him to new heights.


  • Janet’s distraught by what she sees.
  • Noah has an accident.
  • Meg threatens Damian.
  • Brad tries to get through to Katie.
  • Holden gives Molly the help she needs.
  • Jack and Carly ask Simon for his help.

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