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ATWT Previews: Week of November 30


ATWT Spoilers: Week of November 30

Brad doesn’t like the advice Katie receives from Simon.


  • Meg makes a move on Damian.
  • Katie finds Simon on her doorstep.
  • Mick persuades Barbara to go forward with the procedure.
  • Molly & Holden go after the truth.


Noah and Luke have a heart to heart talk before Noah goes off to rehab. Casey gets a job at the hospital as an orderly, Alison suggests they work on different floors. When Casey helps with one of her patients, she is appreciative for his assistance. Maddie wants to be the relationship blogger on the newspaper website and when Hunter overhears a sample of her column, he thinks it’s about him. Boy, is he embarrassed when he finds out it’s not about him.

Paul feels the need to protect Emily when Mick wants to use her for an experiment. When Emily sees Paul spending so much time with Eliza, she decides she wants to have another baby. Emily calls Mick and leaves him a voice mail saying she thinks they need to move on. Damian tells Meg she should give him until Christmas and then they can be together. Lily and Damian are surprised to find Meg at Lily’s house. Meg kisses Damian just as Lily walks into the room. Molly and Holden spend some time catching up at Al’s. Holden asks Molly to help Meg with her relationship problems.

Janet asks Jack to be honest about his feelings and he admits he cannot promise not to leave town again. She says if he can’t make that promise, she can’t be with him anymore and he offers to move off the farm and give her space. Liberty is there to console Janet. Parker offers Jack a place to stay when Jack moves off the farm. During a trip to the bridal shop, Carly runs into Rosanna, who asks her to a part of the wedding. Carly cannot believe Rosanna asked her after all that has happened and she runs off. While Rosanna bends Craig’s ear about her sister, Carly goes to an AA meeting and contemplates what she is going to do with her life.


Simon pays Katie a visit at the house and expresses his condolences about Brad. He notices she seems to be expecting someone as she tries to get him to leave. After a visit from Henry, Katie breaks down in Simon’s arms. Brad appears in time to see Katie being comforted by Simon. Katie pushes Simon away and asks him to leave. When an unexpected guest arrives, Simon hides. Jack sees Simon’s wallet and Katie realizes what Jack has done. Katie lashes out at Jack for his efforts and asks him to leave. Simon encourages Katie to move on with her life without Brad. Brad doesn’t like the advice Simon is giving and has a wrench fall on Simon’s head.

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