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ATWT Spoilers: Week of November 9

A mysterious stranger makes his debut in Oakdale.


  • Carly’s conversation with Dr. Ben scares her.
  • Alison is grabbed by a stranger named Mick.
  • Luke and Mason go toe to toe over Noah.
  • Carly, Jack and Mike Kasnoff end up at Greenville Pickens Speedway.


After seeing a news report, Carly tracks Jack down. Irv and Jack jump, but stick it out on a ledge. Carly asks Sgt. McGill to detain Craig and Rosanna, who have come in pursuit of her. Later, after Margo bails them out, Craig visits Carly and is shaken by her taunting. Jack finds Mike Kasnoff in Greenville, South Carolina. Mike’s married with a baby and working in construction. When Jack finds out Mike is keeping his upcoming speedway race from his wife, the two men have it out. After being urged by Emily to go for the one he loves, Hunter asks Maddie to make out. Maddie tells Casey about it, and he makes fun of Hunter. Hunter thinks he and Maddie have a lot in common, but Casey quips that for him and Maddie, opposites attract. Katie starts to believe Henry is being visited by Brad, but when Henry lies about Brad’s ghost being with him, Katie kicks him out. Damian pokes his head into yet another Oakdale couple’s troubled relationship. Meg continues taunting Damian. Holden’s actions trouble Lily, who seeks comfort from Damian. Noah feels betrayed and fireworks explode. Jack takes the driver’s seat.


At Memorial, Alison’s grabbed by a strange man in the stairwell. The stranger reveals his name is Mick Dante. He urges Alison to help him sell the idea of an investment/research opportunity that Bob has turned down. After hearing about it from Mick, Alison calls Paul and Emily, wondering if they would be interested. Paul and Emily meet with Mick at the Lakeview. He shows them a product from South America that rejuvenates cells. During his presentation, he adds some to a withering plant. Paul stops him, certain that the whole thing is a scam that he wants no part of. Emily is in favor of it, but Paul’s doubts over-rule her optimism. Later, the plant blossoms back to health, mystifying Emily. After a long talk, Emily’s finally able to convince Paul to use some of the Stenbeck fortune to fund the project.


  • Katie has a visitor and his name is Simon.
  • Lily gets an eyeful of Damian and Meg.
  • Molly and Holden reminisce.

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