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ATWT Previews: Week of January 4


ATWT Spoilers: Week of January 4

Janet flips on Jack when he makes a move on her.


  • Janet flips on Jack when he makes a move on her.
  • Lily fears she might be pregnant.
  • Sage & Parker make a plan to get their parents back together.
  • Meg threatens to kill Damian.


Jack leaves Carly with Craig at the cabin when a ranger finds them but can only has room for two. Janet is mortified when she wakes up in Dusty’s room realizing they had made love. Dusty tries to convince her it wasn’t a mistake and she has nothing to be ashamed of. Janet encounters Jack when she is leaving Dusty’s and asks him to take her back to the farm to celebrate instead of staying at the Lakeview. Once at the farm, Jack makes advances towards Janet but she gives him the cold shoulder and begins to berate him. She tells him to leave and to go back to Carly, which he does.

At Metro, Teri is at a loss of what to do with all the food that was left because of the blackout and Dusty suggests they donate it to the shelter. Teri goes to the farm to find Janet and confesses her feelings for Dusty. Teri asks Janet if there is anything going on between her and Dusty and Janet denies it. Janet tells Teri she believes her marriage to Jack may be over. Jack turns up at Carly’s door and tells her he believes his marriage to Janet could be finished.


Simon has intentions of staying in Oakdale permanently and Katie is concerned he’s staying in town for her. Simon insists he wants to stay because he loves Oakdale and it feels right for him. Simon and Kate return to Henry and Jacob and the four of them have an enjoyable night at home. Henry helps Katie with her screen test for Kim’s new show. Simon realizes he doesn’t have the money to take Katie to the Metro on their date. Noah tells Luke and Lily his stay with them will be short, as he’s found a doctor in California who has had remarkable results with a numerous patients. Noah’s behavior towards Luke is less than desirable. Holden and Molly are very happy about Meg’s recovery but they are still skeptical. Molly and Holden decide to go to Kentucky to see if Meg’s claims about Damian are true. Holden encounters Lily at the hospital when he overhears the news Lily may be pregnant. Damian is thrilled with the possibility of Lily being pregnant with his baby. Emily is suspicious of Barbara and Mick’s relationship. Paul pays Meg a visit and is impressed with the progress she has made. Alison and Casey go with tradition and hold off sleeping together until after the wedding. Mick steps in when Alison is berated by a sexist doctor.

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