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ATWT Previews: Week of December 7


ATWT Spoilers: Week of December 7

Damian is rushed to the hospital after he is poisoned at the wedding reception.


  • Damian collapses and frames Meg at the same time.
  • Rosanna stumbles in on Carly & Craig.
  • Barbara snoops on Mick and is shocked to find J.S.
  • Brad uses Henry’s body to finally reach Katie.


Rosanna unexpectedly arrives to witness the closeness between Carly and Craig. Craig quickly tries to spin a tale to cover up their close moment. Carly calls Craig out on his lie he tells, a devastated Rosanna runs out, leaving Craig to lash out at Carly for calling him out. Carly runs after Rosanna and finds her returning her wedding dress. Carly encourages her to forgive Craig and the two sisters bond over bridal magazines. Later, Rosanna and Craig reconcile.

Emily’s use of Mick’s product has decreased her hormone levels and has improved her chances of having a baby. After Mick gets Paul to pass out, he takes a vial of his blood to test. A mishap in the hotel room, the vial breaks. Barbara returns to the room to leave Mick a note and discovers a ring in a dresser drawer.

After a sex discussion with Bob, Casey invites Alison to take a walk in the woods, but the two get lost. Though Jack and Janet have an intimate moment, they come to realize they are unable to resolve their differences. Liberty asks Janet about her relationship with Jack, and Liberty hates to hear that Janet is considering forgiving Jack for all his indiscretions. Liberty finds Jack at the cemetery visiting Brad’s grave and asks him what his intentions are with her mother, Janet. Jack cannot promise anything to Liberty. Brad tries to injure Simon so he’s sent to the hospital and eventually arrested. Simon upsets Katie when he leaves with Margo.

Meg and Lily’s altercation at Fashions pushes Lisa to call Damian. When Damian gets the call, he’s still with Holden but leaves right away to go to Fashions, with Holden following close behind. Damian breaks up the fight and takes Meg outside. He assures her that he’s going to tell Lily the truth before the renewal ceremony. Holden takes Meg home but doesn’t see her sneak out so she can watch the ceremony take place. Everything is going fine until Lily spots Meg and let’s her in. Damian insists there is nothing to tell when confronted about telling Lily the truth. Damian collapses before the truth is ever revealed to Meg. Damian is rushed to the hospital as the cake is examined and it’s later discovered it was poisoned. Molly theorizes that Meg put the poison on the cake to get Lily. When Meg visits Damian in the hospital, he slips a bag of powder into her purse.

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