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ATWT Previews: Week of February 22


ATWT Previews: Week of February 22

Holden is arrested after Margo finds a witness that implicates him in disappearance!


  • Holden is arrested.
  • Carly learns that Jack and Janet plan to have a baby.
  • Alison chooses Casey over Mick.

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Carly goes to the farm with the intent of exposing Janet’s affair with Dusty to Jack. Janet interrupts the conversation and informs Carly that she and Jack are planning on having a baby. Upset, Carly leaves. Meanwhile, Janet begins to question Jack’s commitment to her. Later, Janet confronts Carly, telling her to stay away from her husband. Carly fires back that she knows all about Janet’s affair with Dusty. Paul gives Henry the Stenbeck fortune. Henry and Barbara argue. Casey catches Alison with Mick on the roof of the hospital. Reid plans on leaving Oakdale for good.


Convinced that Damian is alive, Lily shares the note and the ring that she believes was sent by her missing husband with Holden. Molly, however, saw Lily purchase the ring and believes that it was made in Oakdale. Meanwhile, Margo informs Luke that the body from the freighter was positively identified as Damian. At Lily’s house, Luke delivers the bad news to his mother. Lily is certain that Damian is alive based on the ring and the note. With conflicting stories, Lily contacts Margo in the hopes of getting to the bottom of this mystery.

Margo finds a witness who identifies Holden as the prime suspect in Damian’s disappearance. Holden is arrested, and held at the police station. Luke goes to his dad to hear his side of the story but is disappointed by Holden’s dishonesty. Lily and Molly decide to team up in order to free Holden. They hope to prove his innocence before he is extradited to Malta to stand trial for Damian’s murder.

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