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ATWT Previews: Week of March 29


ATWT Previews: Week of March 29

Dusty fights for his life.


  • Dusty fights for his life.
  • Bob and Kim celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary.

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Dusty is rushed to Memorial after the incident at Metro. Doctor Oliver is called in to remove the bullet fragments lodged in Dusty’s skull. Carly, Janet and Jack arrive at the hospital shortly after. Shaken by the events and plagued by his brother’s recent death, Jack accidentally calls Dusty ‘Brad.’ Janet asks Jack to personally look into what happened. He and Margo review the security footage from Metro and realize that it was not a robbery gone wrong but a personal attack. Meanwhile, Carly remains with Janet and offers her support. Janet begins to question her strength but Carly assures her that she can get through this. During their discussion Janet doubles over in pain. Reid exits surgery exhausted but pleased with his work as Dusty manages to escape death once again.


Lily continues to worry about Faith’s downward spiral. She goes to Molly for some help yet is annoyed that Molly has an easier relationship with her daughter. Bob and Kim celebrate their 25th anniversary with a drink at the Lakeview but are interrupted by Reid. Upset, Kim goes to Barbara who tries to console her without revealing that the Hughes have a surprise party planned for the couple. Despite their best efforts, things at Chris and Katie’s party for Bob and Kim go awry. Luke and Reid meet at the Lakeview to discuss funding for the neurology wing. Later, Noah is proud that Luke is doing something positive with his money. The man who attacked Reid serves him with papers. Johnny tells Craig that a strange man asked him questions on the playground. Liberty gets good news that she will soon be able to leave isolation and head home.

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