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ATWT Previews: Week of April 12


ATWT Previews: Week of April 12

Barbara makes a scene at Henry and Vienna’s engagement party.


  • Trouble finds Dusty when he gets out of the hospital.
  • Gabriel and Craig strike a deal.
  • Katie throws an engagement party for Henry and Vienna.
  • Paul and Meg get close at Fairwinds.

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Katie decides to throw an engagement party for Henry and Vienna. She convinces Chris to ask Ali to come to the party as a friend. Henry is wary that it might be a bit too early to throw a party but Paul and Emily round out the guest list. Barbara arrives drunk and nearly exposes her affair with Henry before leaving in a huff. Concerned, Henry follows her and takes her home where they kiss. Just as she is about to kick him out Katie arrives on the scene. She drags Henry back to his room at the Lakeview, and back to a suspicious Vienna. When asked about why he left, Henry and Katie make up excuses for his hasty exit.


Dusty continues to exaggerate his confusion in order to protect Janet from his amateur sleuthing. Later at Metro, he jumps to the wrong conclusion when he sees Roccoo with a gun. He pins Roccoo to the wall just as Janet arrives. She manages to pull the two apart only to realize that her father has suffered a heart attack. Janet is furious when she learns that Dusty was feigning his amnesia, and that Carly assisted in Dusty’s harebrained scheme. Gabriel threatens to expose Craig’s misuse of Parker’s trust fund unless he is paid off. Parker wants to try having a relationship with Liberty again. Deerbrook allows Meg a night out to bond with her daughter. Much to Emily’s chagrin, Paul offers that she stay at Fairwinds instead of at the farm.

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