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ATWT Previews: Week of April 5


ATWT Previews: Week of April 5

Jack and Carly make love.


  • Frannie returns to Oakdale to toast Bob and Kim on their anniversary.
  • Jack and Carly make love.
  • Vienna proposes to Henry.
  • Faith causes more trouble for Lily and Holden.

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Jack rushes to Memorial after Janet calls him with good news. Dusty was awake, but much to her disappointment it was only temporary as he has once again lost consciousness. Feeling bad for having run out on Carly, Jack reserves a room at the Lakeview in order to prove to her that she takes precedence over everything. They spend a romantic night together and make love. Later, Dusty comes to but offers little new information regarding his attack. Reid sees through Dusty’s act and agrees to keep silent on his feigned confusion. Dusty feels as though he needs to lie about the details surrounding the incident in order to shield Janet from her father’s dark side. Despite his lies, Dusty clearly remembers being accosted by Rocco but wants to do some investigating of his own once he is released from the hospital. Janet is annoyed when Jack starts pushing for Dusty to remember any details from the night he was attacked.


Gabriel discovers that Craig has been abusing Parker’s trust fund after he pretends to be his business partner Ellis. Anxious to be outside after weeks of isolation, Liberty and Parker spend some time together. Kim decides to marry Bob, for real this time. Frannie arrives back in Oakdale in time to make a toast to her father and Kim. Vienna enlists Katie to help her find out why Henry has been turning down her advances. Henry breaks it off with Barbara but not before one last romp. Vienna shocks Henry by proposing. Luke offers to pay off Judd if he drops the malpractice lawsuit against Reid.

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