On the Red Carpet: 2010 Daytime Emmy Awards


On The Red Carpet: 2010 Daytime Emmys

The stars were dressed to impress and ready to share on the red carpet during the 37th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards.

Your favorite daytime stars were glammed up and dressed to impressed during the 37th Annual Daytime Emmys. The red carpet was full of beautiful women and handsome men, eager to discuss everything from the new locale for the Emmys, to the goings on at their shows.

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The Interviews:

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Bradford Anderson told us this year he turned his phone off the night before nominations were announced. “I knew that when I woke up and turned it on if I had a bunch of calls and voicemails I had gotten nominated,” he said smiling. He teased a little about Vanessa Marcil’s return as well. “Brenda is coming back and I think it would be safe to say she runs into Jason and Spinelli.”

Photo Credit: © William Dallman/TVSource Magazine

Susan Lucci (Erica, AMC) was surprised when it was announced the Emmys would take place in Vegas. “I never would have thought it,” shared the legendary actress. “I am so glad someone did though”. “She told me her commute between New York and Los Angeles is going very well. Lucci also said she hopes to be nominated again in the future. Looks like La Lucci is determined to take another trophy home.

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Emmy nominee Shelley Hennig (Stephanie, DAYS) said it’s great being nominated with co-star Molly Burnett. “We work so hard, but we work so well together. It’s great to be recognized for all the hard work we do. It is great to be here”. We discussed all the changes her alter ego has gone through over the years, and Hennig shared she hopes to keep the Philip and Stephanie dynamic going. “I wouldn’t give up working with Jay [Johnson] for the world.”

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Louise Sorel (Vivian, DAYS) joked she might have to do something about Maggie if she doesn’t back off of Victor. “Suzanne is a lovely woman. I am honored to work with her. She has such a giving heart,” she added about her co-star.

Peter Reckell (Bo, DAYS) chimed saying,”Isn’t it great that our show is giving these actors an actual story”? When asked about his last couple of years on Days, Reckell said it’s been interesting. He also discussed his storyline with Emmy nominee Crystal Chappell (Carly) and Kristian Alfonso (Hope). “I am glad the writers kept all three flawed, none of them are guilty or innocent. It is all very character driven emotion.” Peter also shared that he will be playing a character unlike any we’ve ever seen him play before in season two of Venice.

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Days of Our Lives star and Emmy nominee Arianne Zucker shared that this past year was some of the hardest work she has had to do. “For Nicole having a baby gave her all the love she ever wanted and needed but never had, and losing the baby caused her to lose it.”

It was clear the actress was humbled by working at Days of Our lives. “I cannot tell you how appreciative I am of my job. I love it.” She noted that while it’s an honor to be nominated, she certainly didn’t get there on her own. She noted co-stars Alison Sweeney, Taylor Sprietler, James Scott, Galen Gering, and Eric Martsolf for their hard work as well as the entire cast.

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The handsome Mark Lawson (Brody, OLTL) was quite the chatterbox. He said it’s been really great getting a lot of story to work with. “When I first came in, I got a lot of heavy drama with the PTSD storyline but now I feel like I’m getting into what the heart of the daytime drama is — the family dynamic and the love triangles. The woman I love didn’t love me back, but she does now, and her sister who Brody slept with who happens to be my best buds’ girl”.

The actor said he’s lucky to work with such a wonderful cast, “Now that I have been there awhile I feel like I have found my groove and I am having so much fun.”

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All My Children star Denise Vasi (Randi) previewed some of her upcoming storyline. “There is some great work stuff that happens with Randi and at the same time there is a lot of home drama coming up.” She also said, “There will be a lot more of Frankie and Randi coming up, I know fans have been wanting that.”

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Galen Gering (Rafe, DAYS) said he thinks Las Vegas is a great venue for the Emmys or any award show. He said he loved working with Charles Shaughnessy (Shane). “Oh my god I love that guy. The funny thing is he lived a block away from me for years and we never knew it!” He also teased a little about his upcoming storyline. “Rafe is back. We shot some stuff last week I am really excited about, and I am not just saying that.”

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Mark Hapka said the energy in Vegas was crazy. The hunk is enjoying his time on Days of Our Lives, being involved in other people’s storylines. “It is fun being a part of everyone’s problem. He is such a good guy though, he should just tell.”

Hapka noted that with Nathan being such a good guy he said he wouldn’t mind a turn to the dark side for the young Horton doctor.

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Days of Our Lives star Peggy McCay said she would love to get involved in the storyline with Victor, Maggie, and Vivian. “I think [Caroline] made a mistake turning him down,” she said. She also raved about her costars Alison Sweeney & Emmy Nominee Shelley Hennig as well as the tribute Days has been paying to Francis Reid.

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Judi Evans shared why the Vegas location made this year’s Emmy’s her personal favorite. “There is a lot of glitz and glamor to the Emmys but even more so with it being in Las Vegas.” When talk turned to her return to Days of Our Lives she admitted she doesn’t know much about what the future holds for Adrienne and she doesn’t mind that. “I take it one script at a time. I don’t ask, I don’t want to know, I want to be surprised. I am as much as a fan as you are,” she said smiling.

“One take, that’s it. Seven shows in five days. We basically hit it and quit it. I really love it. Go in, do your job, know your lines. In my opinion a lot of times the best take is the first take anyways”. We discussed her days on Another World, with Evans saying how much she enjoyed working on the show. “Working with Tom [Eplin] was a lot of fun and the character of Paulina was a lot of fun.”

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Greg Rikaart (Kevin, Y&R) was also happy with the change of location to Vegas. “It seems like a good fit. It’s a good place to celebrate all the hard work we do all year and then cut loose for the weekend and have a little fun.” Turning attention over to his alter ego he said that Kevin has been through a lot and he enjoys playing all the beats they give him.

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“We are all excited. It is exciting. Everyone loves to travel. This is nice,” said Judith Chapman on the Emmys being held in Vegas. When asked about her tenure as Gloria on Y&R, she said, “I was hoping to be around for as long as I could be. Being the mother of these characters, Michael and Kevin, I’ve seen longevity in that. Within the first few months I felt the chemistry and knew we had staying power.”

Judith is also very involved in theater work. “I started The Troubadours of Daytime for the soap stars who want to be involved in theater. I am planning another play for the fall in Palm Springs”.

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As the World Turns star Colleen Zenk Pinter (Barbara) admitted she had never been to Vegas before the Emmy ceremony. She became emotional when talking about the last day of As the World Turns. “It was very, very difficult. The last show is so beautiful. Everything is pretty much buttoned up, but that doesn’t mean the audience knows exactly where everything is headed. It was tough day though”. She also shared that she starts a new theater show in New York next month.

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As the World Turns star Jon Hensley (Holden) teased how it will all end for Holden Snyder this fall. “Holden & Molly don’t make it, I can tell you that much.”

Hensley was very complimentary about his co-star Noelle Beck and the tough position she was in by taking over the role of his on-screen love Lily. “[Noelle] is very sweet and I liked her from day one. I don’t know that it was easy for her. She came into a situation where Martha Byrne was loved by the fans, but I think we have great chemistry and it was great to work with her.”

He also spoke out about the triangle involving his on screen son Luke. “I love the character of Reid. He is the best character in daytime, but it is like Holden and Lily, people want Luke and Noah together.”

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The Bold & the Beautiful’s Kimberly Matula (Hope) was excited to be at the ceremony. “This is my first award show! I have been to Vegas one other time, but this is exciting,” she exclaimed before moving onto the fast pace of daytime. “It moves really fast. I filmed fifty three pages the other day, but I love it”.

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“Newcomer” Dominic Zamprogna (Dante, GH) echoed Kimberly Matula’s sentiments about the pace of the daytime medium. “At first it was tough, but then I got into a nice groove, then I got lazy but I am back in the groove again.” He also raved about co-stars Lisa LoCicero (Olivia) and Emmy nominee Julie Marie Berman (Lulu) before complementing the entire cast. “I think our show has bar none the best cast in daytime.”

He also said it was “really exciting” working with James Franco.

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As the World Turns star Marnie Schulenberg (Alison) was absolutely stunning on the red carpet. She said her character is in store for a happy ending when World Turns goes off the air this September. “I don’t think anyone is expecting it either. It’s a really big step for her.” She also joked that with the Emmys taking place in Vegas, she felt like it’s “Disneyland on crack.”

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Emmy nominee Carolyn Hennesy (Diane, GH) said, [Being in Vegas adds a lot of glitz and glamour and we need that because we had gotten away from that previously. The Daytime Emmys are just as important as any other Emmys. We work just as hard as anyone else!”

The actress revealed she couldn’t be happier pulling double duty on General Hospital and ABC’s hit comedy Cougar Town. “It is something as an actress you never think will happen. Everyone is playing ball, both GH and Cougar Town have been working with each other.”

Hennesy also shared she believes reason the pairing of Max & Diane have become so popular is because they are a couple people can relate to.

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Adrienne Frantz was excited about her July 1st airdate on The Bold and the Beautiful. “You will get to see a lot of the old Amber back. She is the cause of a lot of trouble. You will see a little of Amber and Owen and Amber and Rick,” she said of her return.

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B&B star Texas Battle (Marcus) said he was liked the Emmys being in Vegas. The young hunk also previewed a little of his upcoming storyline. “Marcus and Steffy are slowly starting to come back together. She is all over the place though. She wants everyman but the one man that has some respect for her.”

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LeAnn Hunley (Anna, DAYS) shared she was happy to see some old costars return for the tribute to Francis Reid was disappointed she didn’t get to film a reunion scene with on-screen daughter Carrie. “I’m sad that didn’t happen,” she sighed.

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